4 opportunities to use your new custom printed marquee


So, you’ve just got yourself a brand new marquee. Hopefully, you’ve gone all out and custom printed every inch of it to make your brand really shine. Logo on the roof, company name on the valance & the back & sides plastered like an advertising billboard. Marquees are great as a form of advertising as they are essentially one giant blank canvas ready to be customised to your heart’s content. So with your marquee looking the goods, it’s time to get it in front of all your potential customer’s eyes. And as with all things new, you can’t wait to show it off.

There are plenty of ways to use a marquee, and many go far beyond just shelter for an outdoor event. If you don’t have many opportunities coming up to use your new marquee have a read of this article for some great ideas on how to get the most out of your new piece of kit.


At a tradeshow

Tradeshows are a great reason for busting out your new marquee. Most tradeshows will allocate you an empty booth space that you’ll need to customise and reinvent to showcase your products & services. These tradeshow setups can be a very expensive undertaking. A lot of setups and tradeshow booths are made to order for one-time use. Unless you have a budget to match, this is a terrible way to run your show.

This is where using your custom printed marquee in your booth comes into place. Not only are you adding a visual punch full of your branding your also adding variety to space. You can use your marquee to section off an area of your booth creating more an experience and ambiance to your show. Separate your show into distinct sections with the use of your marquee. Your marquee could be used an area for displaying specific products. Or perhaps space you can sit one-on-one with, particularly interested customers.

You can add an extra dimension to your tradeshow presence with your custom printed marquee. There are a huge number of possibilities open to you if you incorporate your marquee at your next event. Best of all, you’re using an asset you already own and won’t have to fork out a precious budget on a made to order display you’ll only use once.


Supporting your local team

Take your newly branded marquee out with you and support one of your local sports teams. This is a great way to get some free exposure and an awesome chance to get out amongst the community. There are all sorts of sporting opportunities you can take advantage of almost every weekend. Hopefully, you are connected in some way to some form of sporting organization. Could be your children, family members or maybe a team you yourself play. Take your marquee and some half-time oranges and get exposure & join in with the community.

If you don’t have a personal relationship with a local team you can loan out your custom printed marquee to local organizations to help in their fundraising and local events. All types of businesses active in the community can really benefit from these types of arrangements. This is a great way to get in front of peoples faces for free while also fostering good will in the community.

If you’re struggling to find a local sports team to support start thinking outside the box. Start thinking about beach activities like surfing competitions or even lessons. If you’re not near the water perhaps motorsport would be a good fit. Head to your local track and see if you can get involved in the next meet. There are plenty of options available you just have to know where to look.


Sponsoring an outdoor event

Think about jumping onboard as a sponsor for a local community event. Not only do you get the benefits of being a sponsor, you’ll get a great excuse to whip out the branded marquee and increase your exposure. Get in touch with your local community and find out what’s on that you may be able to contribute too.

If your business is looking to sponsor an event, the decision on who you choose will come down to relevance. The more relevant the event, the more people you’ll get your branded marquee in front of. You wouldn’t want your local butcher sponsoring a vegan event, would you? If the event you choose is the right fit you could get your brand in front of huge amounts of potential customers.

Sponsoring events can even provide a greater ROI than traditional forms of advertising. You’ve sponsored the right event, you and your custom printed marquee are in attendance then you’ll be right amongst a very specific target audience. An audience that is ripe for being fast-tracked down your sales funnel.


In or outside your business

Just because a marquee is intended for the outdoors doesn’t mean it can’t work in an indoor setting. If you have a large office, shop or warehouse space, why not have your marquee set up permanently? You can use it as a space to display particular products or maybe set up a tea & coffee station for customers. The extra branding won’t hurt and can create a nice interesting space for you to utilize.

If you have room outside, think about setting up your custom printed marquee near the entrance. You could use it as a form of banner advertising that people pass by. Even better would be to run a service such as a sausage sizzle out of it on weekends. People love sausage sizzles so it’ll keep bringing customers back. All these customers will be exposed to your branded marquee again and again as well as having an additional excuse to visit your business.


You now have 4 great excuses to use your new custom printed marquee. So, get out there and start planning your next move. Sign-up for that upcoming tradeshow. Get in touch with your local footy team. Do some research into possible upcoming events to sponsor. And most importantly, head down to the supermarket and pick up some sausages for this weekends sausage sizzle.