Oakleigh Marquees and Gazebos

Organising any event takes a lot of planning. If that event is outdoors, then you add another layer of stress on top, having to plan and think about shelter in the form of marquees and gazebos. The shelter is essential for any outdoor event. You’ve got to incorporate cover for all the essential areas. We’re talking dance floors, serving tables and any area that requires a power connection. We all know how notorious Oakleigh is for crazy weather. Perfect sun and warm temperatures one minute, freezing cold and pelting rain the next. The nightly forecast is no good because, as we all know, the exact opposite will probably end up happening. Or not. You can’t win.

Altegra has been in the Oakleigh marquees and gazebos game for years and years, so we know what to expect, and ‘unexpect’, from our Australian conditions. That’s why our Oakleigh marquees and gazebos have been crafted exactly the way they have to withstand anything thrown against it. Never fear, with Altegra, your next outdoor event will be more successful than ever.

Oakleigh Marquees and Gazebos for Every Event

Our Oakleigh marquees and gazebos are crafted from the best materials we could find, by the best people in the business. We focus on the finer details which results in a product that you can rely on time and time again, no matter what the conditions have in store. Our Oakleigh marquees and gazebos have you covered.

Our top-quality Oakleigh marquees and gazebos and broken down into 3 main sections with a few accessories thrown in that can expand on the utility value of our existing products. Our Oakleigh heavy duty marquees and gazebos are the ideal fit for those big outdoor events that require maximum protection. We’re talking weddings, family anniversaries or large birthday parties. Our Oakleigh portable marquees and gazebos are great for those that require shelter or displays on the move. Easy to transport and incredibly sturdy these portable marquees and gazebos are great for your next expo or sports event. Have products to sell or a company to endorse? Use our Oakleigh custom printed marquees or gazebos to make you and your brand stand tall above the competition.

For additional info on some of our products and service, continue reading below.

Oakleigh Heavy Duty Marquees and Gazebos


We design our heavy duty hex-frame gazebos to endure the harshest conditions. Conditions you would find deep in the Australian outback. This means you can use them again & again for years to come. We are yet to come across a situation that our hex-frame heavy duty marquees & gazebos can’t handle.

It will always remain standing no matter what gets thrown at it. You can rely on our hex-frame heavy duty marquees to be standing tall from your event’s start to finish. Backed by our massive 10-year warranty, we can assure you that it will serve you for many years to come.

The Altegra name is synonymous with the highest quality marquees & gazebo products. This is because we go the extra mile, every time, for all our customers. This ensures you get the best product for your needs, along with ongoing support. So, if you need heavy duty, you need Altegra.

Oakleigh Portable Marquess and Gazebos


Need to take your marquee or gazebo out on the road? Then why not try out our Oakleigh portable marquess and gazebos. We have a range of super portable marquees and gazebos we’ve named Prolite. These are specially designed for travel while retaining our highest standards of quality and toughness. If your next conference or event is out of town then one of our Oakleigh portable marquees and gazebos are for you. Taking your show on the road doesn’t get any easier than this.

We take the highest quality aluminium, a material known for to be both lightweight and strong, and build our product from the ground up with portability in mind. Setup, pack up, storage and portability are all factored in by our designers to get to our finished product. Our hex frame design was one of the first on the Australian market over 10 years ago, so you know we have the experience necessary to deliver an exceptional product. Our Oakleigh portable marquees and gazebos are the most reliable products on the market which keeps our customers happy and our brand name strong.

Oakleigh Custom Printing – Marquees & Gazebos


Advertising by way of your marquee or gazebo can be a great way to get your name and business in front of lots of potential customers. Really stand out at your next event with our Oakleigh custom printing for our marquees and gazebos. Channel your inner artist and get creative with your marquee. We use the latest in custom printing technology to ensure you get a quality product every time.  

We are Australia, Melbourne and Oakleigh’s market leader for custom printing and branding marquees and gazebos. We use a technique named ‘Full Colour Sublimation’ for printing on polyester material which is the best and superior alternative to PVC printing. We don’t run into the usual problems associated with this type of printing, such as cracking, peeling, creasing and reflections. You custom printed marquees and gazebos will stand out loud and clear from your competitors due to our superior product.

Give our team a call or email today. Our team can work together with you to put together and work out your Oakleigh marquee & gazebo needs. Start using Altegra & start noticing a difference in your next season of events.