Altegra Aluminium 1.5m Folding Table

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– Altegra 1.5m Folding Table
– 2x Nylon carry bags

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Altegra 1.5m Folding Table – Our small aluminium folding table that’s hugely robust and extensively versatile.

Our 1.5m table is a new small aluminium foldable table that packs a punch! Avoid traditional bulky blow-moulded folding trestle tables with our clever aluminium table design.

We’ve based our aluminium tables using our hexagonal gazebo and marquee frame to deliver a strong foundation. We add an “accordion” foldable aluminium tabletop for a heatproof and super easy to clean surface. Cooking or reliably serving hot food on your aluminium folding table is of no concern.

Compact Portability and Storage

Our high-grade aluminium and scissor-frame design ensure the 1.5m folding table is extremely robust but is also reasonably light. The scissoring design enables its ability to neatly fold into 2x compact, extremely portable and easy to store carry bags.

Setting up on an uneven surface? No problem. Each table leg is individually adjustable to help you set up a consistently flat surface. Additionally, increase the integrity of your setup by pegging each footplate to the ground.

This is a new solution to the traditional blow mould folding camping table or trestle table that are often bulky, don’t last as long as they should, and can be exhausting to clean. A better table for preparing and serving at your campsite.

  • 40mm hexagonal aluminium frame.
  • ‘Accordion’ brushed aluminium surface slats.
  • Sliding, lockable polymer joints.
  • Individually height-adjustable legs.
  • Wide, peggable footplates for stability.
  • 2x carry bags – 1 for table frame, 1 for surface slats.

Add storage space to your 1.5m aluminium table with our 1.5m table shelf.

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Weight 15 kg
Dimensions 65 × 20 × 30 cm

Altegra Aluminium 1.5m Folding Table

$199.00 inc. GST

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