How to Steal the Show at Your Next Event

How to Steal the Show at Your Next Event with a high quality marquee_Altegra

When you want to make a real impact for your brand at your next show, or at a public or private event, there are many options available that come in all styles and cost ranges. But, your ultimate goal is to use a tool that delivers the most bang for the buck and gets you noticed even when there is competition near. Whether you are a new or already established business and you really want to make an impact, get your point across or make a great impression, a high quality marquee or gazebo, is one of the best ways to steal the show.

Are They Effective?

A Marquee is portable tent type structure and a gazebo is a free-standing covered structure. Both are used during events to host product presentations, sales, giveaways, meals and drinks, and distribution of important information. Marquees have become so popular because when they are built well, they are an amazingly useful tool and one of the most effective forms of marketing.

Because they provide a means to engage and host potential customers, they can be set up in indoor our outdoor spaces, and they can be printed with a company’s brand, product, service or any message, marquees catch the eye of those seeing them and more significantly they get people to take an action. If your company creates the right marquee and positions it in the right location, you are assured to get noticed and attract crowds.

How to Best Use a High Quality Marquee

Marquees and gazebos have an ability to function as a mobile presentation suite for your business or as a way to have your own captive space. They have a high impact in terms of visuals and can function as meeting places to invite potential customers. They are made of solid materials including steel, or aluminum, and durable vinyl and can be used for indoor and outdoor purposes. Great uses include: product sales, special events, grand openings, merchandise booths at live sporting and music event, and presentation booths at conferences. Governments use them to provide information to the public at events and they are used more and more at parties, weddings and graduation ceremonies.

Is it Sturdy and Durable?

A heavy duty marquee is made of the best materials that allow them to be used indoor and outdoor in many weather conditions including bright sun and heavy rain. The frames are made of high quality aluminum or steel and the walls are made of or coated with very thick plastic with a flexible fabric movement called Polyvinyl Chloride, or PVC, which is very durable. The outside of the PVC can be printed on with high quality printing that can last for a long time. A good quality marquee will have a ten year warranty against malfunctioning or tearing.

Do they need to be Professionally Installed?

There are many types of marquees and gazebos to choose from including a pop-up gazebo which can be installed in nearly any location on flat ground, by almost anyone. But whether you choose a marquee or an indoor or outdoor gazebo they can be assembled without the need of professional help. They are usually a two-person job and can be erected in less than ten minutes depending on the size. Taking them down is equally simple and they can be carried in their own carrying cases to your next location or to be stored.

When you are doing a show or having an event, consider buying a high quality marquee. It can deliver great benefits to you and will be available for use for years to come.