Tips for the proper installation of your new outdoor gazebo

Printed Walls and Canopy


Buying a professionally designed pop up gazebo is only half the battle when it comes to promoting your brand at an outdoor event; if it isn’t installed properly, an increase in winds thanks to a passing weather front could cause it to fall apart in front of customers – not a good look.

If you are new to the outdoor promotion game, this post will guide you through the process of setting up your new outdoor gazebo so you can focus on representing your brand rather than being constantly distracted by an improperly erected tent.

Read provided instructions thoroughly

After purchasing a pop-up gazebo, find the accompanying instruction manual and study it closely.

If you can’t find your copy or if it ends up getting misplaced at a later date, there are online PDFs (found here) you can download to a smart device or print off for reference purposes.

Doing this will allow you to source the tools required for unpacking and assembly (e.g. box cutters, scissors, hammers, etc), it will enable you to assign the number of employees required to set up an outdoor gazebo, and it will allow you to practice the technique required to erect it properly.

Unpack your gazebos with care

  • Once you have all the tools needed for setup, begin the process of unpacking the gazebos you bought.
  • With care, use scissors and/or a box cutter to remove the packaging from the cartons containing the frame and the canopy.
  • Whether you purchased a waterproof gazebo or a heavy duty gazebo, they will be of no use to you if you accidentally slice the canopy during the unboxing phase, so take extra care when unpacking it.
  • Once you have decamped all materials, lay them on the floor and compare it against the list of materials that the boxes should have contained.
  • This is an important step to take if you ordered a customized gazebo, as these nonstandard products could easily be missing an essential part.
  • If anything is out of place, inform the retailer immediately so the issue can be resolved in a timely manner.

Practice setting up your gazebo prior to an event

Don’t wait until the day of the festival or trade show to unfold your outdoor gazebo for the first time. Once you have unpacked it and confirmed all necessary parts are in your possession, find a spacious area outdoors and have staff members practice the setup procedure for all the gazebos you have purchased.

Take your time and follow all instructions to the letter. If anything seems off, stop and check your manual before proceeding further.

Added attention should be paid when attaching the canopy, as installing it improperly could damage a waterproof gazebo within a short period of time.

Protect your pop up gazebo from the elements
When you set up an outdoor gazebo, your biggest concern will not be from rain, but from sudden wind gusts.

Thunderstorms can form quickly on an otherwise pleasant afternoon, so take steps to securely anchor even a heavy duty gazebo once it has been set up.

Do this by hammering at least two metal pegs into the earth per leg; if you are setting up your display in a parking lot or on any other hard surface, we recommend securing the base of your gazebos using sandbags or steel counterweights.