Altegra 20kg Steel Leg Weight

Altegra 20kg Steel Leg Weight

Heavy, stackable steel leg weight for safe gazebo or folding marquee setup.

Our heavy leg weights are designed to help stop gazebo and marquee movement caused by wind shear to ensure a safe setup. Our highly visible Altegra-teal weights nestle around each leg or of two side-by-side marquees and stack vertically to help meet event requirements.

The Altegra steel weight is the only Australian event marquee weight designed to fit two marquees side by side.

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1x Altegra 20kg Steel Leg Weight.
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Our heavy-weight shipping policy.

We've tried our best and $20 per weight is what we need to charge to get them to you. While we do our best to fulfil all orders and shipping as advertised, we reserve the right to vary delivery fees if necessary. Delivery may only be achievable to eligible service areas.

The Heaviest Gazebo Weight / Marquee Weight in class for public safety.

Our 20kg Steel Leg Weight is the must-have addition to any safe and secure pop up gazebo or folding marquee setup. A gazebo weight and/or marquee weight is critical in ensuring the safety of your shelter’s occupants and anyone nearby when on hard ground. Weights for market stalls, trade fairs and exhibitions, fetes/carnivals and sports events are mandatory for your participation and setup. Our 20kg steel leg weight is the heaviest and safest gazebo weight/marquee weight in its class to help ensure a successful event.

Steel Leg Weight Features:
  • 20kg Steel Weight – highest weight in class.
  • Weather-proof powder-coating.
  • Bright teal colour for visibility to avoid tripping.
  • 2x moulded handles to assist with carrying.
  • 4x base nodes and 4x surface nodes for weight stacking (as pictured below).
  • Sits slightly elevated off the footplate for a stable weight stack.
  • Designed with double-sided leg channels to anchor 2x gazebos/marquees together.
  • Spaced to complement our Marquee Connecting Brackets for a modular event setup.


How much gazebo weight or marquee weight do you need?

Correct gazebo and marquee weighting vary according to your portable shelter’s size and dimensions, as well as wind speed, the inclusion of walls, and the surface that it’s on. The right amount of weight to anchor your gazebo and/or marquee is also often dependent upon local or event regulations. As a rule of thumb for Australian event standards, we refer to the HRIA Marquee Weighting Guide which takes into consideration all of the above factors.

What is the difference between weights and peg kits?

All portable shade shelters can become airborne or slide in windy or gusty conditions. Therefore, anchoring your marquee to the ground is an absolute necessity but is not always easy to do. Especially when set up on any compact ground where pegs cannot be used. Our heavy steel weight helps stop all movement, anchoring your shelter to any surface. Carparks for market stalls and established campsites are common examples where weights are a smart accessory.

Do you need gazebo weights/marquee weights?

We’re both strong advocates of public safety and for the long-term dependability of your gazebo or marquee. Not anchoring your shelter correctly can be extremely unsafe and all damage caused is explicitly not covered under your Altegra warranty. We price our leg weights competitively and ship them Australia-wide with the best rates we can find to make them a wise purchase.

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Altegra shipping policies overview

Free shipping.

We offer FREE shipping for Altegra gazebos and marquees to standard destinations in Australia purchased through our online store. Added accessories are also shipped free*. Shipping conditions apply.
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Accessories orders.

Our accessories fall into three buckets for shipping purposes. Here are those categories and the shipping rates that apply:

Standard accessories

  • $25 for orders below $250.
  • $35 between $250 & $500.
  • Free shipping $500+.
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Bulky accessories

  • $50 for orders below $500.
  • Free shipping $500+.
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Steel weights

  • $20/weight on ALL orders.
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Shipping requirements & exceptions.

Shipping conditions apply to all orders. Non-standard destinations and product exclusions also affect shipping rates and offers.