Altegra Geo42 3×4.5m Gazebo


Altegra Geo42 3×4.5m Gazebo

Altegra 12-month canopy warranty icon - leading marquee warranties

12-mnth Canopy Warranty

Altegra Geo42 3×4.5m Gazebo

The light heavyweight division champion of aluminium 3x4.5m popup marquees. Not so heavy, not so light.

Enhancing the portability of a heavy duty 3×4.5m popup marquee requires delicately stripping excess weight while reinforcing key areas for maximal integrity. The Altegra Geo42 aluminium frame balances all-important strength and integrity but retains a higher priority of focus on transport and setup ease.

  • Mid-weight geometric aluminium frame.
  • Supremely dependable aluminium frame joints.
  • 1.5mm side wall thickness.
  • Oversized galvanised steel footplates.
  • UPF50+ Excellent, 100% Waterproof canopy.
  • Lifetime Warranty.

The ideal 3×4.5m popup for whenever both strength and portability ease are at the top of your list.

Altegra gazebo and folding marquee purchase package inclusions icon

Your Gazebo Purchase Inclusions

Altegra 3x4.5m gazebo iconAltegra Geo42 3×4.5m Marquee.
Altegra 3x4.5m custom canopy iconYour UPF50+ 3×4.5m Canopy.
Altegra Wheeled Bag iconWheeled Cordura Nylon Bag.
Altegra Guy Ropes and Pegs iconGuy Rope and Pegs Kit.
Altegra 12 month warranty icon12-Month Canopy Warranty.
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Canopy Colour Selection

Select your preferred colour from our available UPF50+ 3×4.5m gazebo canopy colours below.

Once you’ve made a selection, add the total number required to your cart.

The total displayed includes your Geo42 3×4.5m gazebo, your UPF50+ canopy, shipping and GST.
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Need More

Unlimited colour and unlimited design potential with your very own custom printed Altegra Geo42 3×4.5m Gazebo. Choose to design a small part or bring your marquee alive with a full custom print.

Light heavyweight commercial 3x4.5m Popup Marquee.

Reducing weight enhances portability. Our Geo42 frame takes a small step down in weight for a pared-down heavy duty aluminium gazebo that still packs a punch.

The Altegra aluminium gazebo frame has been the yardstick for leading quality, commercial-grade marquees since 2004. And when you asked for a more portable model to stand the test of time in all conditions, we listened.

The Geo42 frame combines redesigned geometric aluminium extrusions and slightly thinner sidewalls (.5mm thinner) to save 15% or 5.5kg from its Heavy Duty sister—the difference between struggling to set up and getting it done quickly and easily.

Starting at the critical ground-to-gazebo foundation are 140mm, bolt-free triangular galvanised steel footplates. An innovative internal wedge eliminates weak points for a more robust, more reliable ground hold.

8-sided geometric aluminium extrusions with 1.5mm sidewall thickness and 42mm diameter extend much-needed integrity from the ground to the canopy. Our incredibly strong cast-aluminium connecting joints secure frame parts and maintain a rigid hold, minimising movement in the windiest conditions.

We form the articulating upper gazebo scissor frame with diamond-shaped, 35mm aluminium truss pairs and an extended centre pole that contains a concealed tension spring. The result is a clean, robust and professional appearance.

Key Features

Altegra Geo42 42mm icon

42mm Geometric Profile

Mid-gauge, 42mm geometric engineered extrusions form a steadfast shelter foundation.

Altegra heavy duty commercial grade marquee frame icon

Sturdy Aluminium Frame

Aluminium frame parts with 1.5mm sidewalls pack a punch while retaining all important portability.

Altegra Aluminium frame joints icon

Aluminium Frame Joints

Critical frame joints are formed out of never-failing cast aluminium for extreme dependability.

Altegra marquee sun protection icon

UPF50+ Excellent

Effective shade protection from the Australian sun – top rating.

Altegra waterproof canopy icon

100% Waterproof

Dense PVC-lined Polyester & seam-sealing performs as a barrier against water.

Product inclusions / package icon

Quality Inclusions

A wheeled bag, guy ropes, and pegs are included in your purchase.

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Free Australian Shipping

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Altegra Lifetime Warranty icon - leading marquee manufacturer's warranties

Lifetime Frame Warranty

Your heavy duty Geo42 3×4.5m gazebo frame is backed by our Lifetime Warranty.

Altegra 12-month canopy warranty icon - leading marquee warranties

12-Month Canopy Warranty

We cover your fabric roof for 12 months against manufacturer’s defects.

Geo42 Gazebo Purchase Inclusions

Altegra Geo42 3x4.5m marquee inclusions image - the mid-weight aluminium gazebo purchase is complete with leading canopy, wheeled bag, guy ropes and pegs.
Altegra Geo42 3x4.5m marquee inclusions image - the mid-weight aluminium gazebo purchase is complete with leading canopy, wheeled bag, guy ropes and pegs.

The Geo42 3x4.5m Marquee

A hybrid by design, trimming down the load while leaning heavily on reliability.

Altegra Geo42 aluminium 3x4.5m popup marquee with navy blue, waterproof canopy.

Altegra marquee sun protection icon

UPF50+ Excellent sun protection.

Altegra waterproof canopy icon

100% waterproof rain barrier.

Altegra 3m awning velcro attachment icon

360° Internal Velcro walls attachment.

Altegra Geo42 42mm icon

Robust 42mm geometric aluminium.

Altegra Aluminium frame joints icon

Extremely sturdy cast aluminium joints.

Altegra marquee footplate icon

Oversized 140mm commercial footplates.

Leading commercial safety compliance.

A hybrid by design, trimming down the load while leaning heavily on reliability.

The Geo42 3x4.5m marquee shares many of the traits of our commercially preferred heavy duty shelter - but with a lighter chassis.

We’ve developed the Geo42 3×4.5m marquee as the elegant middle point between our robust Heavy Duty 3×4.5m aluminium marquee and lightweight Pro Lite 3×4.5m aluminium gazebo.

The Geo42 sets itself apart by delivering reliability well beyond industry standards yet reducing weight by 5.5kg (compared to our Heavy Duty 3×4.5) to help ease the task of transport and setup.

While the Geo42 undeniably falls into the heavy duty gazebo category, the new geometric profile, slightly narrower aluminium sidewalls, and pared-down aluminium joints result in an impressive weight reduction.

A Lifetime Warranty and 100% rebuildable design means your Altegra Geo42 3×4.5m marquee is your heavy duty popup tent designed to enjoy for life.

Altegra geo42 hybrid commercial aluminium 3x3 gazebo leg profile image - man holding aluminium leg to show geometric aluminium extrusion size

42mm Geometric Foundation

Optimised strength and functionality using high-gauge, high-volume hexagonal aluminium legs and painstakingly engineered aluminium frame parts, avoiding excessive weight.

Altegra Geo42 aluminium gazebo frame cross-section - engineered aluminium extrusions produce a robust and reliable foundation for outdoor portable shelters.

Robust Aluminium Extrusions

Oversized engineered aluminium frame parts deliver superior integrity and continued foldability through all weather and use types. Functional strength, for life.

Altegra Geo42 aluminium marquee corner joint - engineered geometric aluminium extrusions establish a robust foundation and extremely resilient cast-aluminium joints secure diamond upper frame parts.

Unassailable ALU Joints

Ever-dependable cast aluminium connecting joints deliver superior structural integrity to your gazebo. Critical to the long-term reliability of your gazebo.

The Altegra Geo42 frame joints are constructed with unrelenting cast aluminium for maximal integrity and the easy to use, ring-pull height adjustment system is built to last.

Simplicity Outlasts

Our dedication to innovation and continual improvement often results in simplified components. Our gazebos are complete with parts that last longer and work with less effort.

Altegra Geo42 gazebos and marquees oversized 140mm commercial footplate image

Bolt-free anchoring

Huge 140mm commercial footplates are secured without bolts to maximise strength at the most critical location for safety. Innovative internal attachment delivers superb ground anchoring.

Altegra Marquee and Gazebo black wheeled bag - the premium bag is part of every gazebo purchase.

The Full Package

Your gazebo purchase includes the high-quality accessories needed to set up safely. We package your gazebo in a quality wheeled Cordura bag and include guy ropes & pegs.

The Altegra Elite Canopy

Covered by unrivalled protection and quality.

Altegra elite canopy in white - image displaying the high quality stitching and fabric from the corner.

Covered by unrivalled protection and quality.

Altegra elite canopy in white - image displaying the high quality stitching and fabric from the corner.

UPF50+ Excellent sun shelter, 100% Waterproof rain barrier, and formulated with highly durable reinforced fabric for tear resistance in the wind.

Australian weather rarely takes a break, so we’ve cut no corners with the pliable and durable Altegra Elite canopy to provide you with superior, long-lasting protection from the wind, sun and rain.

Higher quality fabric for durability.

Our 330GSM PVC-lined polyester fabric is a 20% thicker woven material than other premium folding marquee offerings. We further enhance fabric durability with high-tensile stitching, additional reinforcement panels, and thorough anchoring to avoid tearing or early degradation in the Australian weather.

Tailored for a snug fit.

We tailor the refined Altegra canopy to fit your heavy duty 3×4.5m gazebo like a glove, increasing canopy fabric tension to minimise friction, reduce wind-flap, and eradicate the potential of water-pooling.

Full-length walls attachments.

360° internal Velcro attachments are sewn in as a standard offering, for the full-length attachment of 3x3m gazebo walls to extend your weather protection and set up your event for your needs.

Backed with confidence.

Our canopy is proven to last through years of real-world testing and refinement. Therefore, we back all our canopies with an industry-leading 12-month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

ARPANSA UPF 50+ Excellent sun protection factor authorised product swing tag - issued and licensed by ARPANSA for Altegra Australia.

UPF50+ Excellent Sun Shade

Australian tested and certified UPF50+ Excellent fabric is the foundation of an effective portable shade shelter. Enjoy the outdoors with all day sun protection.

An image of the Altegra Elite canopy in white in the rain with water droplets running off the waterproof surface - our high-quality PVC-lined Polyester in a thick 330GSM weight keeps heavy rain out of your gazebo for the long-term.

100% Waterproof Rain Protection

100% waterproof PVC-lined Polyester shields from torrential weather. Externally bound seams and hot-tape seam-sealing keeps you and your 3×4.5m gazebo interior dry.

Altegra Elite gazebo and folding marquee canopy in white corner image - displaying the premium quality fabric connected with outer rolled seams, high-tensile double stitching, and brass eyelets for guy rope tie down.

Select 330GSM Polyester Fabric

Quality 330GSM PVC-lined Polyester is the choice fabric for our Elite canopy. The balance of foremost protection, pliability, durability, and professional appeal.

The Altegra Elite canopy has been gusseted and reinforced throughout as a measure to protect from wear caused by friction between the frame and the material.

Thorough Friction Reinforcing

Reinforced for longer life and a stronger hold, all frame-to-material wear points are fortified with additional fabric and are held firmly with Velcro. The result is reduced wear and enhanced durability.

The Altegra Elite canopy has been gusseted and reinforced throughout to protect from wear caused by friction between the frame and the material often wind-

High Ground in a downpour

Avoid water pooling, a common marquee canopy trait with extended canopy peaks and top quality material. High peaks and durable material retain tension and optimal water runoff.

Endure turbulent times As one

A strong marquee needs to be united to remain intact in adverse conditions. The Altegra Elite canopy is extensively secured to your portable shelter by easy to use Velcro anchors.

Geo42 3x4.5m Specifications


Altegra marquee setup area dimensions icon

Setup Dimensions

W x L = A
3m x 4.5m = 13.5m²
~20 people

Altegra marquee dimensions icon

Folded Dimensions

H x W x D
152cm x 43cm x 33cm
(60″ x 17″ x 13″)

Product inclusions / package icon

Boxed Dimensions

160cm x 43cm x 34cm
(63" x 17" x 13.5")

Altegra marquee weight icon

Frame Weight

36kg - Frame Only

Altegra marquee canopy scale icon

Canopy Weight

10kg - Canopy Only

Geo42 3x4.5m Frame

Altegra Geo42 42mm icon

Sturdy 42mm Geometric frame

Geometric legs and heavy gauge engineered extrusion construction.

Altegra Aluminium frame joints icon

Aluminium Joints

Hugely robust Aluminium joints connect frame without risk of breakage.

Altegra marquee footplate icon

Oversized 140mm Commercial Footplate

Galvanised Footplate for solid gazebo anchoring.

Altegra marquee joint ring pull icon

Dependable Ringpull Adjustment

Keeping it simple. The infallible ringpull outlasts the rest.

Altegra height adjustability icon

6x Leg Heights

Extensive individually height adjustable legs.

Altegra replacement spare parts icon - 100% rebuildable marquees and heavy duty gazebos

100% Rebuildable

Accidents happen. Protect your investment with spare parts.

Altegra Elite Canopy

Altegra marquee canopy material weight icon

330GSM Fabric Weight

Our 330GSM Polyester fabric is used for your marquee canopy.

Altegra marquee sun protection icon

UPF50+ Sun Protection

Sun protection tested and certified by ARPANSA - Australian authority.

Altegra waterproof canopy icon

100% Waterproof Canopy

High-quality PVC lined Polyester results in 100% waterproofing.

Altegra marquee attachment icon

360° Walls Attachment

Seal out weather by attaching walls with full-length connection.

Altegra marquee walls connection icon

16 Anchor Points

Secured at 16 locations to enhance structural integrity & limit fabric wear.

Reinforced Friction Panels

Double-layered gussets protect at all points of frame contact.


Altegra gazebo and marquee frame icon - square footprint

Lifetime Frame Warranty

Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty on the Geo42 3x4.5m aluminium frame.

12-mnth Canopy Warranty

A 12-month warranty applies to Altegra canopy and walls material.


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Next Business Day Dispatch

All in-stock orders ship immediately. We'll be in touch if any delays impede our expedited handling.

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Recommended Gazebo Accessories

10kg Gazebo Leg Weight Set

2x 10kg marquee leg weights for easier handling.


3m UPF50+ Solid Wall

UPF50+ waterproof wall.


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Altegra Big Wheel Bag

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