Altegra 10kg Steel Gazebo Leg Weights (Pair)

Altegra 10kg Steel Gazebo Leg Weights (Pair)

Mid-weight, stackable gazebo leg weights sold in pairs, stack together to secure your shelter to the ground.

Our 10kg gazebo leg weights are our mid-weight portable anchor designed to stack in pairs and wrap around the leg, straddling your gazebo’s footplate for a solid ground hold. More portable than our 20kg steel marquee weight the 10kg weights stack in opposing fashion to embrace your gazebo leg and to meet your event’s gazebo weighting needs.

  • Solid cast steel.
  • 10kg weight.
  • Teal weather-proof powder-coating.
  • Raised & indented nodes ensure stable stacking.
  • Fits up to 50mm leg diameter (Heavy Duty gazebo).
  • Sold & shipped in pairs.
Important Note: Sold in 10kg weight pairs. Your purchase will weigh 20kg and contain 2x 10kg weights.
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1x Altegra 10kg steel leg weight pair (2x 10kg).
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Keep a solid hold of your gazebo with portable and stackable gazebo leg weights.

The Altegra 10kg steel gazebo leg weights are perfect for anchoring any gazebo at your next event. We’ve designed our mid-weight anchors to be easier to carry and highly effective in windy conditions. At 10kg, while still needing some muscle to move, they’re much more portable than heavier options, such as our 20kg steel marquee weight.
Altegra 10kg steel gazebo leg weight stacked two high at an angle showing the close-fitting stacked design that creates a stable weighting surface when piled up.

A perfect fit greatly enhances stacked leg weight stability.

We’ve designed our 10kg gazebo leg weights as a layering system with a shape that perfectly fits each other as they stack up. The design includes two key features that enhance stability.

Pairs of raised and indented corner nodes bind the weights together. The additionally raised centre podium bonds the two into a unity like no other gazebo weight on the market.

Make it easy to carry and set up your gazebo with half the weight.

While you need a heavy weight to safely anchor your gazebo, carrying, transporting, and setting up your gazebo with weights takes a lot of effort.

Our 10kg leg weights are designed to work in tandem, anchoring with at least 20kg load but only burdening you with half its weight each time you load and unload.