Altegra Aluminium 3m Folding Table with Shelves

Altegra Aluminium 3m Folding Table with Shelves

The complete sturdy folding table. Robust, height adjustable, easy to clean, heatproof & waterproof, with underside storage and packs compact.

Our 3m sturdy folding table with shelves combats traditional trestle and blow-mould table woes with robust aluminium and a clever collapsable design that packs compact. The exciting next step in the evolution of tough folding table design.

Features :

  • Sturdy 40mm hexagonal aluminium frame.
  • High-strength folding ‘accordion’ surface.
  • Heatproof, waterproof & easy to clean aluminium surface.
  • Surface levelling adjustable leg heights.
  • Folding top mount rails.
  • Durable Cordura nylon carry cases.
  • Spacious underside storage shelves.

Standing at 1m tall, upwardly adjustable to 1.3m makes our 3m folding table an ideally versatile sturdy folding table. Choose your use.

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Your Purchase Inclusions

Altegra 3m Folding Table.
2x 1.5m Shelves.
Attachment Hardware (3m specific).
Nylon carry bags.

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Altegra 3m aluminium folding table with shelves.

The ultra sturdy aluminium folding table with shelves provides a significant surface area that's tough and packable, enhanced by underside storage.

Altegra Aluminium 3m Foldable Table with shelves - the packable, hugely robust and extremely versatile folding table by Altegra in our 3m foldable table size - the perfect fit for your 3x3m gazebo. Heatproof, easy to clean, packs smaller than the rest, and looks great. Store more with the added shelves, nestled neatly underneath and height adjustable.

Using high-grade aluminium and a clever design taken from our compact aluminium gazebos, we’ve developed a folding table that’s extremely sturdy, has a heatproof surface, is remarkably easy to clean, and is incrementally adjustable for surface stability.

Our aluminium folding table aims to combat the downfalls of the standard trestle and fragile plastic table designs by reducing bulk for transport and storage, increasing strength, and allowing you to do more on its surface without damage.

The 3m table and shelves are highly versatile and can be used anytime a strong and portable table is needed. A more dependable and sturdy table for preparing and serving at your campsite, market stalls, showing your wares at exhibitions, or for parties and backyard BBQs.

Sturdy folding table folding surface - aluminium slats grouped into 'accordion' sections press neatly into the folding top rails for a neat and robust surface.

The robust folding surface

The foldable aluminium table surface comprises a series of high-strength “accordion” slats that all press neatly into top-mounted rails.

A brushed aluminium finish to the table top is easy to clean and heat resistant. So cooking and serving hot food or working with heat without damaging the table surface has become possible.

Altegra folding table leg height adjustment - adjust the height of the folding table from .93m to 1.3m or individually adjust legs to level the bar table's surface.

Height adjustable legs & peggable feet

When setting your folding table up on an uneven surface, adjust each leg individually to help create a reliably flat surface.

Fixtures in each footplate provide the opportunity to increase table stability by pegging or fastening the table when set up on soft ground.

Alternatively, leg weights can help increase your table’s stability when pegs can’t be driven in, weighting each footplate.

Altegra folding table underside shelving - adding storage to the highly versatile folding table.

Underside storage shelving

Our shelves nestle neatly on the underside of your 3m foldable table to provide additional storage. The shelving unit construction uses the same high-strength aluminium ‘accordion’ slats as the surface pressed into rails.

Secured rails attach with steel clamping hardware to the underside of the folding table and can be height adjusted as required.

This simple addition further enhances your sturdy folding table’s impressive versatility.

Altegra portable folding table carry cases - pack and store our folding bar tables in compact carry cases. Make transport and portability easy by separating the heavy components.

Compact transport in carry cases

To develop a sturdy folding table, we’ve built the frame and surface with real integrity. Meaning it is not a featherweight table. So we separate the frame and table surface into two carry cases for easy transport and storage.

A third carry case houses the shelving unit to opt to include or leave behind.

3m folding table specifications


dimensions icon

Table dimensions

L x W
~2.8m x 0.53m

Altegra height adjustability icon

6x table heights

Surface Heights
0.94m, 1.0m, 1.075m, 1.15m, 1.225m, 1.3m.

Altegra marquee weight icon

Total weight
(set up)


table frame icon

Frame weight


Altegra folding table surface icon

Surface weight


Altegra table shelves icon

Shelving weight




Heat tolerant robust aluminium surface.

Altegra sturdy folding table surface slats icon

Folding ALU surface

Innovative high-strength 'accordion' slat groups.

Easy to clean

Non-marking surface requires little effort to clean.

3x compact cases

Easy transport and storage in Cordura nylon carry cases.

Altegra Marquee Leg Weight anchor icon

Peggable feet

Feet can be pegged to the ground for additional stability.

40mm hexagonal legs

Robust yet lightweight engineered aluminium legs.

Altegra ABS Polymer joints icon

Sturdy polymer joints

Strong & reliable ABS polymer joints connect ALU parts.

Altegra marquee joint ring pull icon

Simple pullring adjustment

Long-lasting height adjust & position lock mechanism.

Altegra height adjustability icon

Adjustable shelves

Position the shelves at a height that suits you.

Altegra connecting piece icon

Two-piece rails

"L" shaped aluminium surface & shelf mounting rails split for packing.


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24 month warranty

We'll keep you covered from manufacturer defects for 2 years.


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Free shipping

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Shipped boxes

4x boxes

Altegra box 1 icon

Box 1 - frame

104 x 18 x 44cm
(41" x 7" x 17.5")

Altegra box 2 icon

Box 2 - surface

53 x 20 x 22cm
(21" x 7.8" x 8.6")

Altegra box 3 icon

Box 3 - shelves

47 x 22 x 16cm
(18.5" x 8.6" x 6.3")

Altegra box 4 icon

Box 3 - shelf rails

70 x 18 x 10cm
(27.5" x 7" x 4")

Frequently asked questions

Anchoring the table’s legs or adding an even amount of weight to the extreme corners will help to increase the sturdiness and stability of the folding table. The lower the weight, the more sturdy the table.

Additionally, distributing the surface load, so it acts vertically through the table’s legs will maximise the capacity of the folding table.

To ensure the most sturdy table setup possible, we’ve designed our sturdy folding table with legs at each corner and feet that can be secured and anchored to the ground. The horizontal surface rails will distribute the load evenly through each leg.

The most sturdy folding table in Australia is available for purchase online and from our local Melbourne-based store. Spend just $250 online and we’ll ship it Australia-wide for free.

For international orders, contact [email protected] and we’ll be happy to assist.

The simple answer is that with integrity there’s weight. While materials, design, and engineering all play a part in the equation between strength and weight, cost also becomes an essential part of the balance. Lighter-weight materials can be sourced but the resulting cost would be nothing short of heavy!

Apply sound engineering to light aluminium with the goal to develop the best sturdy folding table, and the result is our 3m aluminium folding table. We separate the surface and frame into individual bags to combat the resulting weight that’s come with its impressive strength.

Crafting a sturdy folding table from aluminium is the optimal build material. Aluminium is a lightweight metal that can be engineered into specific shapes to help enhance the toughness and the life of your table. Its silver finish is clean, beautiful, and easy to clean.

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