Altegra 3x6m Mesh Wall Kit

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What You're Getting

– 3x Altegra 3m Solid MeshWall.
– 3x Altegra 3m Mesh Zip Wall.

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Available Colours

Our stock colour range for the Altegra 3x6m Mesh Wall Kit:
Altegra 3m available stock colours - choose from our range of 7 stock gazebo canopy and wall colours. All are UPF50+ Excellent sun protective shelters and are covered by a 12-month manufacturer's warranty. Need more colour? Choose custom printing for a full custom canopy!

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Altegra 3x6m Mesh Wall Kit

The Altegra 3x6m Mesh Wall Kit is a full set of fine mesh walls to protect all four, 3x6m marquee sides from mosquitoes and bugs. A quick and easy attachment providing a visible barrier against unwanted event guests while letting fresh, cool air and natural sunlight in.

Our 3x6m marquee wall kit contains 6x individual 3m walls that attach to your marquee in any combination of your choice. Our full-length Velcro attachment ensures a quick and easy setup of your bug-free space. Your Altegra 3x6m Marquee canopy is pre-configured with 360-degree internal Velcro loop strips, ready for all walls to be securely attached.

Your set of 6 marquee mesh walls zip together in the sequence that best fits your needs. So choose where to attach your mesh zip walls for access and solid mesh for the consistent protection that they offer.

We’ve chosen black wall material and matching black No-See-Um netting, to keep your walls looking clean and for improved transparency over white.

What’s in the 3x6m mesh wall kit?

We have added varied 3m marquee mesh walls to the mesh wall kit that can be attached in a combination of your choice:

  • 3x 3m Solid Mesh Walls
  • 3x 3m Mesh Zip Walls


All walls:
– Full-length Velcro attachment seals the wall to the canopy.
– No-See-Um fine midgie-proof bug netting.
– 600D PVC-lined Polyester portrait framing.
– Velcro loop tabs attach walls to gazebo/marquee frame legs.
– Industrial zips on each end connect wall to wall.

2x 3m Mesh Zip walls:
– Centred industrial zip for access to your protected 3x6m interior.
– Toggles and loops hold the rolled-up mesh wall open.


Individual Wall Size: W x H = 3m x 2.1m

Weight: 12kg

Material: 600D PVC lined Polyester portrait with No-See-Um fine bug netting mesh.

Warranty: 12-Months.

Compatibility: 3x6m Altegra marquees + marquees with full-length internal Velcro strip attachment.

Colour: Black.

Will the Altegra 3x6m wall kit fit other brands of marquees?

Yes, the Altegra 3x6m mesh wall kit and 3m walls will fit other branded gazebos and marquees that use a similar full-length velcro attachment system. The simple gazebo wall attachment seals the entire length of the wall connecting to the bottom inside portion of your canopy’s 3m and 6m valance. All Altegra canopies are complete with a 360-degree wall attachment out of the box. Please check the canopy of your gazebo or marquee to determine the attachment system it uses. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and our team will be more than happy to assist.

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Weight 12 kg
Dimensions 60 × 30 × 20 cm

Altegra 3x6m Mesh Wall Kit

$270.00 inc GST

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