3x6m Marquee Walls

Effectively shield against sun, rain, and wind with 3x6m marquee sides. A simple, modular wall solution to easily tailor your sheltered marquee space to your needs.

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UPF50+ Excellent

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Add our 3x6m marquee walls to your folding marquee to tailor your own sheltered space, catering to any event and weather type. No two events are the same, and weather conditions also differ considerably while your marquee is up. Our walls feature rapid deployment as well as thoroughly seal out wind, rain, and the sun. So you can prepare in advance or rapidly modify your marquee as the weather as it rolls in!

We’ve manufactured our 3x6m marquee walls and wall kits from the same top-quality polyester as our Elite Canopies. An internal PVC lining with high-denier polyester ensures a waterproof finish to keep the rain out. We’ve also kept things innovative but straightforward by using Velcro attachments that line 360 degrees inside your Altegra 3x6m Marquee canopy. Which means you can rapidly attach your marquee walls and create a full-length seal.

Selecting your 3x6m marquee walls

Our 3x6m folding marquee wall options give you considerable flexibility in how you can set your marquee up. You can choose any combination of 6x individual walls and zip them all together. Making a 3x6m marquee with sides that is entirely how you or your event needs.

What do we mean by modular 3x6m sides?

Our 3x6m marquee walls are completely interchangeable. Our full range of individual 3m wall options will fit and will connect to each other. You can choose any combination of 6x individual walls and zip them together.

Providing you with considerable flexibility in what your marquee set up and event space requires.

Why do we list 3m walls here?

The 3x6m folding marquee is essentially 2x 3x3m gazebos, aligned end to end. As a convenient consequence, a 6m wall is simply a combination of 2x 3m walls zipped together.

The 3m ends should be self-explanatory (just one 3m wall should do it there)!

Altegra 3x6m marquee image displaying the 3 metre wall panel section for 3m wall compatibility.

Choose a 3x6m marquee wall kit or a Combination of 6x individual 3m walls.

6x 3m Walls
UPF50+ Excellent
100% Waterproof

$375.00 inc GST

UPF50+ Excellent
100% Waterproof
7 Colours

$60.00 inc GST

UPF50+ Excellent
100% Waterproof
No-see-um mesh

$75.00 inc GST

UPF50+ & Waterproof
Zip enclosure
Roll up & stow door

$65.00 inc GST

6x 3mMesh Walls
No-see-um Mesh
3x Zip Walls

$270.00 inc GST

Full-height Zip

Full Height Zip
No-see-um Mesh
Loop & Toggle Stow

$45.00 inc GST

Full height zip
No-see-um mesh
Loop & toggle stow

$45.00 inc GST

Altegra 3m Half Wall Kit

Structured Half Wall
Steel Connectors
Shoulder Bag

$109.00 inc GST

Compatible Altegra 3x6m Marquees

Altegra Pro Lite 3x6m Marquee

Light Commercial

40/46mm Aluminium

Lifetime Warranty*

Altegra icon showing the 7 colours for our stock UPF50+ canopy selection

$1179.00 inc GST

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Marquee

Robust Commercial

50/58mm Aluminium

Lifetime Warranty*

Altegra icon showing the 7 colours for our stock UPF50+ canopy selection

$1469.00 inc GST

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