Altegra 3×4.5m Mesh Wall Kit

Altegra 3×4.5m Mesh Wall Kit

Seal mosquitos, bugs, and flies out of your gazebo with the Altegra 3x4.5m gazebo mesh wall kit.

Convert your 3×4.5m gazebo into a bug-free haven with fine No-See-Um mesh and our simple, yet effective full-length velcro attachment provided by our 3×4.5m mesh wall kit.

  • Fine No-See-Um mesh panels.
  • Velcro loops fasten wall to your 3×4.5m marquee legs.
  • Secure wall to wall with end zips
  • Includes a nylon carry bag.

Ideal for outdoor entertaining, parties, picnics and BBQ’s or anytime when camping and mosquitos, blowflies, and midges disturb your holiday.

Important Note: Our gazebo walls attach to your gazebo canopy with a full-length Velcro strip running along the wall’s top length. If you do not have an Altegra that has the Velcro strip built-in as standard, please check that your canopy has a ~30mm strip for compatibility.
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Your Purchase Inclusions

2x Altegra Solid Mesh Walls.
2x Altegra Zip Mesh Walls.
1x Nylon carry bag.

You select your combination of 3m & 4.5m mesh walls.

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Your Product Selection

We have two wall combinations that you can choose from. Two 3m walls and two 4.5m walls are included in the wall kit. Choose whether to have your 4.5m sides zippable or the 3m sides:
Our price includes the Altegra 3×4.5m Mesh Wall Kit and GST.
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Altegra 3×4.5m Gazebo Mesh Wall Kit

The Altegra 3×4.5m Gazebo Mesh Wall Kit creates a bug-free, cool internal space for your 3×4.5m gazebo. Super-fine mesh, full-length velcro attachment, and walls securely zipped together all help to keep your inner space bug-free while you enjoy your BBQ, your camping trip, or event. Our mesh wall kits are made up of a combination of 2x full mesh walls and 2x zipped mesh walls that zip all the way open and tie back.No-see-um bug netting is used for the gazebo mesh walls, the same fine mesh that’s used in our 3m window walls, a fine weave that’s not only bug proof but also quite easy to see through. Our full-length connection attaches to the underside of your 3×4.5m gazebo canopy – a feature that comes with every Altegra gazebo and marquee. Each wall zips together and attaches to your gazebo legs with velcro loops. A full-height zip allows for easy access to your bug-free haven and loops and toggles hold your rolled-up mesh zip walls open.


All mesh walls: – Full-length Velcro attachment seals the wall to the canopy. – No-See-Um super fine bug-proof mesh. – Velcro loop tabs attach walls to gazebo/marquee frame legs. – Elasticised hook attaches the bottom corner of each wall to the legs. – Industrial zips on each end connect wall to wall.

Zip wall: – Full height centred zip. – Toggles and loops hold each rolled-up side open.


Size: W x H = 2 @ 3m x 2.1m, 2 @ 4.5m x 2.1m

Weight: 14kg

Material: 600D PVC lined Polyester & No-See-Um Mesh.

Warranty: 12-Months.

Compatibility: 3×4.5m Altegra gazebos.

Stock Colours: Black.

Will the Altegra 4.5m walls fit other brands of gazebos and marquees?

Yes, the Altegra range of 3×4.5m walls will fit other branded gazebos and marquees that use a similar full-length velcro attachment system. The simple gazebo wall attachment seals the entire length of the wall connecting to the bottom inside portion of the 4.5m canopy valance. All Altegra canopies are complete with a 360-degree wall attachment out of the box. Please check the canopy of your gazebo or marquee to determine the attachment system it uses. If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and our team will be more than happy to assist.