Altegra 4x8m Marquee Wall Kit

Altegra 4x8m Marquee Wall Kit

Marquee sides for thorough weather protection or set up individual panels with a complete 4x8m marquee wall kit.

Upgrade the protection of your 4x8m marquee with sides to completely block out the weather or to configure as your event requires with our marquee wall kit.

  • High-quality 330GSM PVC lined polyester walls.
  • Quick and effective full-length 30mm Velcro attachments seal out the weather.
  • UPF50+ Excellent rating creates an effective shade shelter.
  • 100% Waterproof.
  • Velcro loops attach to marquee legs.
  • Lateral zips attach wall-to-wall.
  • Complete with Nylon carry bag.

Important Note: The Altegra 4x8m marquee walls are only compatible with 4 metre marquee canopy panels that contain a full-length 30mm Velcro strip on the underside of the canopy.
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Your Purchase Inclusions

2x Altegra 4m Solid Walls.
2x Altegra 4m Door Walls.
2x Altegra 4m Window Walls.
1x Nylon carry bag.
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Wall Colour Selection

Select the number of full 4x8m wall kits you need in the colour of your choice and add them to your cart.
Our price includes the Altegra 4x8m Marquee Wall Kit and GST.
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Altegra 4x8m Marquee wall Kit.

Configure a complete 4x8m shelter with a full marquee wall kit that's attached in minutes and provides thorough weather protection.

Our full 4x8m marquee wall kit has been designed to add to your event marquee conveniently and to provide extensive weather protection.

Protect your marquee occupants from the sun, rain, and wind in mere minutes attaching all 6x 4 metre walls with our full-length 30mm Velcro connection.

All walls are constructed from high-grade PVC-lined Polyester, which is durable, pliable, and extremely weather resistant. UPF50+ Excellent ensures all day protection from the sun and keep the rain at bay as they’re also 100% waterproof.

We mitigate wind flap by adding features to keep your 4x8m marquee walls held taut. Each wall is secured to your marquee legs with multiple Velcro loops and elastic footplate connectors. Strategically positioned peg loops also add integrity to your setup and help to reduce the effect of the wind on the large marquee walls.

All 4 metre wall panels are secured to each other with industrial strength zips at each end. Configure your marquee as your event requires by attaching your wall panels where you need a door, window, or solid wall, and connect them all or as few as you require.

4x8m Marquee Wall Kit Specifications


Altegra marquee setup area dimensions icon

Wall Dimensions (each)

L x H
4m x 2.1m

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Kit Weight



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Wall Attachment

Full-length 30mm Velcro strip attaches to underside of marquee canopy.

Altegra marquee sun protection icon

UPF50+ Sun Protection

Our 330GSM Polyester fabric provides complete protection from the sun.

Altegra waterproof canopy icon

100% Waterproof

PVC lined polyester creates a barrier against the heaviest of downpour.

Altegra Marquee Leg Weight anchor icon

Wall To Leg Anchors

Secure all walls to marquee legs with Velcro loops for complete integrity or individual use.

Altegra zipper icon

Wall Connection

All walls zip together and secure to the marquee frame with velcro loops.

bug-proof mosquito icon

Mesh Window Material

No-See-Um™ super-fine mesh blocks bugs from entering the window panels.

Toggle Stowage

Loops and toggles stow open windows and doors.

Brass Eyelet Peg Loops

Strategically placed ground-level peggable loops keep your walls taut.


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Available Colours

- Black
- Green
- Royal Blue
- White

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, the Altegra 4x8m marquee wall kit will fit other branded 4x8m marquees if the full-length velcro attachment system is built into the canopy.

Our marquee wall attachment system seals the entire length of the wall, connecting to the bottom inside portion of your canopy’s 4m and 8m valances. All Altegra canopies are complete with a 360-degree wall attachment out of the box. Please check the canopy of your gazebo or marquee to determine the attachment system it uses.

If you’re unsure, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and our team will be more than happy to assist.

Yes, all marquees that are exposed to the wind MUST be securely anchored to the ground. The addition of walls adds to the sheer force that the wind imposes on the 4x8m marquee. Therefore, additional weight or more robust pegging is mandatory for safe events. Refer to the HRIA marquee pegging guide for anchoring guidance or contact us.

A full marquee wall kit can be set up in mere minutes with our simple velcro attachment system and wall-to-wall zip connections. All Altegra canopies are fitted with our Velcro connection system for the ready attachment of marquee walls.

The warranty for our 4x8m marquee wall kit is 12 months from the date of purchase.

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