Altegra Custom Printed 3x6m Canopy


Altegra Custom Printed 3x6m canopy

Altegra Custom Printed 3x6m canopy

Altegra custom printed 3x3m gazebo canopy (canopy only)

Wrap your Altegra in your brand’s, team’s, or theme’s colours, logos, and style with laser sharp, vivid sublimation printing.

  • Select grade 280GSM PVC lined polyester – class leading material.
  • Sublimation printing delivers outstanding results.
  • UPF50+ Excellent rating creates an effective shade shelter.
  • 100% Waterproof keeps out the heaviest deluge.
  • Extensively anchored for roof to frame integrity.
  • Internal gussetting delivers friction reinforcement for longer life.
  • 360º walls attachment.
  • 12-month warranty.

Important Note: The Altegra custom canopy is specific for Altegra 3x6m marquee frames. This product is incompatible with other 3m x 6m marquees. Refunds or returns of custom printed products are not accepted.
The gazebo frame in images is not included in the purchase.
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Your Purchase Inclusions

1x Altegra Custom Printed 3x6m canopy.

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Your Product Selection

Select the panels you would like printed on your custom 3x6m canopy, the colour of the unprinted panels and add to your cart.
Our price includes your Altegra Custom Printed 3x6m Canopy, artwork assistance, and GST.
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The Altegra Elite Canopy

Covered by unrivalled protection and quality.

Altegra elite canopy in white - image displaying the high quality stitching and fabric from the corner.

Covered by unrivalled protection and quality.

Altegra elite canopy in white - image displaying the high quality stitching and fabric from the corner.

UPF50+ Excellent sun shelter, 100% Waterproof rain barrier, and formulated with highly durable reinforced fabric for tear resistance in the wind.

Australian weather rarely takes a break, so we’ve cut no corners with the pliable and durable Altegra Elite canopy to provide you with superior, long-lasting protection from the wind, sun and rain.

Higher quality fabric for durability.

Our 330GSM PVC-lined polyester fabric is a 20% thicker woven material than other premium folding marquee offerings. We further enhance fabric durability with high-tensile stitching, additional reinforcement panels, and thorough anchoring to avoid tearing or early degradation in the Australian weather.

Tailored for a snug fit.

We tailor the refined Altegra canopy to fit your 3x3m gazebo like a glove, increasing canopy fabric tension to minimise friction, reduce wind-flap, and eradicate the potential of water-pooling.

Backed with confidence.

Our canopy is proven to last through years of real-world testing and refinement. Therefore, we back all our canopies with an industry-leading 12-month Manufacturer’s Warranty.

ARPANSA UPF 50+ Excellent sun protection factor authorised product swing tag - issued and licensed by ARPANSA for Altegra Australia.

UPF50+ Excellent Sun Shade

Australian tested and certified UPF50+ Excellent fabric is the foundation of an effective portable shade shelter. Enjoy the outdoors with all day sun protection.

An image of the Altegra Elite canopy in white in the rain with water droplets running off the waterproof surface - our high-quality PVC-lined Polyester in a thick 330GSM weight keeps heavy rain out of your gazebo for the long-term.

100% Waterproof Rain Protection

100% waterproof PVC-lined Polyester shields from torrential weather. Externally bound seams and hot-tape seam-sealing keep you and your 3x6m marquee interior dry.

Altegra Elite gazebo and folding marquee canopy in white corner image - displaying the premium quality fabric connected with outer rolled seams, high-tensile double stitching, and brass eyelets for guy rope tie down.

Select 330GSM Polyester Fabric

Quality 330GSM PVC-lined Polyester is the choice fabric for our Elite canopy. The balance of foremost protection, pliability, durability, and professional appeal.

The Altegra Elite canopy has been gusseted and reinforced throughout as a measure to protect from wear caused by friction between the frame and the material.

Thorough Friction Reinforcing

Reinforced for longer life and a stronger hold, all frame-to-material wear points are fortified with additional fabric and are held firmly with Velcro. The result is reduced wear and enhanced durability.

The Altegra Elite canopy has been gusseted and reinforced throughout to protect from wear caused by friction between the frame and the material often wind-

High Ground in a downpour

Avoid water pooling, a common marquee canopy trait with extended canopy peaks and top quality material. High peaks and durable material retain tension and optimal water runoff.

Endure turbulent times As one

A strong marquee needs to be united to remain intact in adverse conditions. The Altegra Elite canopy is extensively secured to your portable shelter with easy to use Velcro anchors.

Custom Printing

Stand Out
with Altegra custom gazebo printing.


with Altegra custom gazebo printing.

Altegra custom 3x6m marquee in highlighter green attached to our Heavy Duty 3x6m marquee - for use as a large pit tent at motor sports or events.

Obtain a competitive advantage with a striking event presence. Premium commercial printing on top-quality fabric and custom gazebo design experience since 2004. The difference everyone can see.

We genuinely believe your brand or club deserves the best – so our mission since we began custom printed gazebos in 2004 has been to find the highest quality printing method that stands out, that lasts the longest, and a shelter that protects better than the rest.

Your custom branded gazebo canopy begins as a select-grade pure white polyester that’s deeply embedded with vibrant colours of your design and is then treated and reinforced to last.

Stunning results with sublimation printing.

We print using high-resolution dye-sublimation printing, the top-grade commercial process for customising polyester to maximise longevity and produce breathtaking custom marquees.

Sublimation deeply infuses colours into the fibres of your marquee canopy fabric in gas form. It’s fade-resistant and produces true colour likeness and exceptional precision of all lines.

Altegra custom event marquee with sublimation printed gradient logo - displaying superior custom branding quality for events marquees, pit tents, and promotional tents alike.
Altegra School marquees and marquees for sports clubs are the safest, high-quality printed marquees in Australia - the marquee selection for schools and sporting clubs who want to stand out for years.

Added Protection against wear & tear and the elements.

We’re both invested in the design of your custom gazebo, so keeping it looking great for as long as possible is important for everyone. Therefore, we will thoroughly fortify your affordable custom 3x6m easy up canopy inside and out.

All internal points of friction will be reinforced, heavy anchoring will limit movement by the wind, the internal seams are sealed and a UV treatment helps extend the life of your fabric and branding against early degradation.

Custom Event Gazebo printing options

Ordering your Altegra Custom Printed 3x6m Canopy starts by selecting the panels that you need printed and a preferred colour for any other canopy panels.

3x3m Gazebo Printed panels:

We have listed the most common custom printed canopy panels available to order through our online store.

Altegra Geo42 3x6m custom printed marquee - high strength aluminium frame with sublimation printed branding - 1x 6m Valance
Altegra custom marquee 1x valance icon

1x 6m Valance

Custom print your logo and brand on a single, front-facing 6m valance.

Altegra Geo42 3x6m custom printed marquee - high strength aluminium frame with sublimation printed branding - 2x 6m Valances
Altegra custom marquee 2x valances icon

2x 6m Valances

Custom print your logo and brand on both the front & rear 6m valances.

Altegra Geo42 3x6m custom printed marquee - high strength aluminium frame with sublimation printed branding - 4x Valances
Altegra custom marquee 4x valance icon

4x 6m Valances

Custom print all 4 valances for a complete wrap of your custom branding.

Altegra Geo42 3x6m custom printed marquee - high strength aluminium frame with sublimation printed branding - 1x 6m Valance and 1x 6m pitch
Altegra custom marquee 1x valance, 1x pitch icon

1x 6m Valance & 1x 6m Pitch

Custom print the front-facing 6m valance and adjoined 6m roof pitch.

Altegra Geo42 3x6m custom printed marquee - high strength aluminium frame with sublimation printed branding - 2x 6m Valances and 2x 6m pitches
Altegra custom marquee 2x valance 2x pitch icon

2x 6m Valances & 2x 6m Pitches

Custom print both the front & rear 6m valances & adjoined 6m roof pitches.

Altegra Geo42 3x6m custom printed marquee - high strength aluminium frame with sublimation printed branding - Full 360º canopy print
Altegra custom marquee full print icon

Full 360° 3x6m Canopy Print

Custom print all valances and adjoining roof pitches for a full custom marquee.

Unprinted marquee panel(s) colour selection:

Your preferred unprinted panels colour is the fibre dyed fabric that makes up the additional panels that you are not custom designing from your selection above. The selection and their Pantone colour codes are listed below for your branding accuracy.

(Note: While there are no unprinted panels on the 360° canopy print a selection is needed to place your order above.)

Order online today and we'll work together to help enhance your marquee design.

Making your selections and ordering today indicates your initial design consideration. We will work closely with you to ensure your custom marquee canopy is designed and printed to represent your brand in the best possible way!

Altegra 3x3m Canopy Specifications


Altegra marquee setup area dimensions icon


L x W x H
3m x 6m x ~1.85m

Altegra marquee weight icon

Canopy Weight



Altegra custom marquee print icon

Dye Sublimation Printing

Ultra premium commercial printing process.

Altegra marquee canopy material weight icon

280GSM Fabric Weight

Our 280GSM Polyester fabric is used for deep colour penetration.

Altegra marquee sun protection icon

UPF50+ Sun Protection

Sun protection tested and certified by Australian authority.

Altegra waterproof canopy icon

100% Waterproof

PVC lining and seam-sealing deliver an effective barrier against water.

Reinforced Friction Panels

Gussets protect from wear caused by frame contact.

Altegra marquee walls connection icon

24 Secure Attachments

Our 3x6m canopy is secured to the frame at 24 points.

Altegra marquee attachment icon

360° Walls Connection

Built-in connectivity to seamlessly attach walls to all 4 sides.

Waterproof Seam Sealing

Heat applicated seam-sealing treats all stitched edges.

High-tensile Stitching

Our canopies are double stitched using resilient Polyester thread.

Lofted Centre Peak

Our extended canopy height avoids water pooling.

Brass Eyelets

Weatherproof brass eyelets protect the canopy from guy-rope friction.

Altegra colours rainbow icon

Colour-fast Finish

Fibre dying and UV treatments retain colour for as long as possible.

Altegra custom marquee print icon

Printed vs Sewn Logo

The Altegra logo is printed to avoid puncturing your waterproof fabric.


12-Month Warranty

A 12-month manufacturer's warranty applies to Altegra material.

Need More COLOUR?

Unlimited colour and unlimited design potential with your very own custom printed Altegra Custom Printed 3x6m Canopy. Choose to design a small part or bring your marquee alive with a full custom print.

Compatible 3x6m Marquees

Altegra Pro Lite 3x6m Marquee

Altegra light aluminium gazebo frame icon

Light Commercial

40/46mm Aluminium

infinity icon

Lifetime Warranty*


Altegra Geo42 3x6m Marquee

heavy duty icon


Altegra Geo42 42mm icon

42mm Aluminium

infinity icon

Lifetime Warranty*


Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Marquee

Altegra heavy duty commercial grade marquee frame icon

Robust Commercial

50/58mm Aluminium

infinity icon

Lifetime Warranty*


Frequently Asked Questions

It is unlikely that the Altegra Elite replacement 3x6m canopy will fit other gazebo brands. Our canopy factory’s manufacturing specifications are specific to Altegra gazebos and marquees, and we designed our canopy to mount to provide optimal integrity and ideal water runoff. Therefore, there is only a slim chance that it will fit another branded marquee.

Please don’t hesitate to Contact Us and our team will try to determine if your gazebo is compatible.

Yes, the replacement 3×6 canopy is 100% waterproof. High-quality, woven polyester lined with PVC keeps the canopy watertight, while internal seam-sealing protects stitched seams from water seepage.

The replacement 3x6m custom canopy has been tested and rated UPF50+ Excellent sun protection by Australia’s authority on UV radiation, ARPANSA.

Keeping your gazebo canopy clean, dry, and stowed separately to your gazebo frame will help ensure you get the maximum life out it.

Intermittent cleaning with warm water and a soft brush, such as a dustpan brush, followed by a thorough dry out is the recommended method of cleaning and maintaining your fabric canopy.

Avoid all forms of abrasion and stow detached from your gazebo frame to ensure the longevity of your replacement canopy.

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Altegra shipping policies overview

Free shipping.

We offer FREE shipping for Altegra gazebos and marquees to standard destinations in Australia purchased through our online store. Added accessories are also shipped free*. Shipping conditions apply.
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Heavy item - forklift needed for free shipping.

Products marked as “Heavy item” or communicated to you by our team require a forklift to assist unloading to qualify for free shipping. A nominal $100 fee is charged at checkout and will be refunded when you unload with a forklift or covers manual unload by our freight carrier.

Accessories orders.

Our accessories fall into three buckets for shipping purposes. Here are those categories and the shipping rates that apply:

Standard accessories

  • $25 for orders below $250.
  • $35 between $250 & $500.
  • Free shipping $500+.
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Bulky accessories

  • $50 for orders below $500.
  • Free shipping $500+.
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Steel weights

  • $20/weight on ALL orders.
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Shipping requirements & exceptions.

Shipping conditions apply to all orders. Non-standard destinations and product exclusions also affect shipping rates and offers.