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Altegra Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty icon - Lifetime gazebo and marquee warranty for Australia's finest gazebos and marquees.




Altegra. Australian Gazebo and Marquee Professionals.

We're genuine people who dedicate ourselves to the quality of our products and to our customer's satisfaction.

Altegra is a brand that has become synonymous with the best gazebos, marquees, picture-perfect custom printed canopies, and memorable service experiences in Australia. Altegra’s mission is to deliver premium, affordable quality that will keep you covered for years.

Altegra gazebos and marquees have been designed, refined, and put to the test here in Melbourne, Australia since 2004. We have earned international recognition for innovation with the Compact Canopy, and are the pioneers of the aluminium hex-frame. We develop our range of quality pop-up gazebos and folding marquees to exceed industry standards and we back them with leading warranties that come without embellishment. We’ve become the preferred portable rental solution for hire companies Australia-wide due to our consistent dedication to quality and the extensive performance of our products.

We’re real people working to continue building our business through reputation, both by providing exceptional quality and by treating you as you deserve. Whether you need to keep your guests at your next picnic or backyard BBQ covered, your corporate event needs striking custom brand presence, or you host large events where traditional peg and pole marquees won’t fit, choose to be covered by an Altegra.

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A quick overview of our frame types.


Our cost-effective gazebo for the casual user or budget-minded. Affordable quality.

Altegra Premium Steel gazebo frame icon - 29mm square, 1mm sidewall

29mm Square Powder-coated Steel Legs

1mm Steel Thickness

Rectangular Steel Upper Frame

Lightweight ABS Joints

Nylon-coated Pull Ring setup

5-position Height Adjustment

3-Year Warranty

Altegra 3-Year Manufacturer's Warranty icon - A 3-year gazebo and marquee warranty for Australia's finest affordable gazebos and marquees.


Our top quality, lightweight aluminium gazebos and marquees. Australia’s favourite.

Altegra Pro Lite gazebo and folding marquee frame cross-section icon - 40mm hexagonal brushed aluminium frame with 2mm walls, measuring 46mm diagonally.

40mm Hexagonal Aluminium Legs

1.5mm Aluminium Thickness

Extruded Aluminium Upper Frame

Lightweight ABS Joints

Nylon-coated Pull Ring setup

5-position Height Adjustment

Altegra Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty icon - Lifetime gazebo and marquee warranty for Australia's finest gazebos and marquees.


Our innovative “compact” gazebo frame design. Available in Pro Lite & Premium Steel frames.
Altegra Compact Canopy gazebo - packs to 100cm for packability - size silhouette image

Pro Lite or Premium Steel Frame

Double Upper Trusses

Lightweight ABS Joints

Nylon-coated Pull Ring setup

5-position Height Adjustment

Award-winning design folds to a tiny 93cm x 36cm!


Uncompromising strength and durability. For those serious about safety and longevity.

Altegra Heavy Duty gazebo and folding marquee frame cross-section icon - 50mm hexagonal brushed aluminium frame with 2mm walls, measuring 58mm diagonally.

50mm Hexagonal Aluminium Legs

2mm Aluminium Thickness

Extruded Aluminium Upper Frame

Heavy Duty Aluminium Joints

Nylon-coated Pull Ring setup

5-position Height Adjustment

Altegra Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty icon - Lifetime gazebo and marquee warranty for Australia's finest gazebos and marquees.

Learn more about each frame and view available sizes below.


The Original Hexagonal Aluminium gazebo and folding marquee frame.

The Altegra Hex Frame is a design that makes our premium gazebos and marquees so reliable for so long. Altegra pioneered the hexagonal aluminium frame in Australia with the introduction of our Heavy-Duty 50mm, 3x3m gazebo in 2004. It has relished rigorous testing and extensive use by HRIA-listed rental companies, commercial gazebo and marquee users, and by many valued long-term customers.

Finding the right balance between integrity and weight is crucial for heavy duty shade structures to ensure they remain portable. This is especially true for large-span marquees like our 3m x 6m and our 4m x 8m folding marquees. 

It is our Hexagonal, extruded aluminium leg design and engineered aluminium trusses that delivers significant strength without the burden of excessive weight. So packing and transporting your heavy duty portable shade structure can still be manageable.

Our “flute-cut” brushed aluminium leg finish is also designed to minimise the challenge of folding marquee set up. Large portable shade tents are hard enough to erect without additional challenges. Our finish assists in reducing friction between frame joints and the leg to avoid sticking.

We employ 2 types of connecting joint materials, an ABS Polymer to keep things light or an endlessly robust aluminium joint. Both use the time-tested pull ring mechanism for setup and adjustability. A simple design that we’ve returned to after imposing extensive testing to other designs.

We’ve been hard at work testing and evolving our frames and joints since their introduction in 2004. And now we’re so confident in the aluminium frames that we back them with unheard-of Lifetime Warranties!

The Altegra Hexagonal Aluminium frame is functional, robust, and adds to the aesthetics of our gazebos and marquees - available in our Pro Lite and Heavy Duty gazebo and marquees ranges.

Section 238 Compliant Event Gazebos & Marquees

Preferred Quality Gazebo Frames & Custom Canopies

Reliability Entrusted By Commercial Rental Companies.

Depended Upon When Safety Is The Foremost Priority

Pro Lite 40mm Hexagonal Aluminium Gazebos & 3x6m Event Marquee

Our Pro Lite range has been engineered to deliver high strength, without excessive weight. A lighter-weight solution for greater portability when frequently setting up and packing your shelter away.

Heavy Duty 50mm Hexagonal Aluminium Gazebos & Marquees

Our Heavy Duty range is Australia’s most dependable portable event shelter. While portability remains key to the design of our heavy duty range, strength and longevity is what it is renowned for. Trusted since 2004 by top commercial marquee users, Altegra heavy duty gazebos and marquees are for those who demand safety, reliability, and quality.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x3m gazebo

50mm Hexagonal Aluminium legs

Aluminium Joints & Fittings

Built tough for complete protection against harsh Australian conditions.


Our affordable gazebo range. Square, powder-coated steel gazebo frame.

Altegra Premium Steel 29mm powder-coated frame image - our affordable weather-proof gazebo solution that delivers quality and reliability where others fail.

The Altegra Premium Steel range is our affordable gazebo model that is awarded many of the high-end features of our premium aluminium range – although, without a high price tag.

Our Premium Steel range is the go-to for the gazebo user who seeks a better quality gazebo though prefers to keep it cost-effective. We’ve designed our steel range to be affordable but not to lose out on reliability.

The Altegra Premium Steel gazebo frame sits on 29mm x 29mm square steel legs for a strong foundation. The folding gazebo upper frame is also constructed using sturdy steel. All steel parts are powder-coated to ensure their weather-resistance, avoiding rust and premature loss of integrity.

Light and strong ABS Polymer joints connect the steel folding frame together. We choose Polymer joints as they’re long lasting and are impressively robust while not adding significant weight.

Our affordable Premium Steel gazebo frames are also 100% rebuildable from the ground up. We carry all spare parts locally in the event of accident. Which means you get to keep your investment for longer.

Altegra Premium Steel, money well spent.

Affordable Premium Steel Altegra Gazebos

The Altegra Compact Gazebo

Our International award winning 3x3m "Compact" frame design. A full 3x3m gazebo that folds down small enough to pack in your car boot.

The Altegra Compact Canopy is the innovation that earned us international recognition and acclaim.

Our 2+ year R&D journey in pursuit of a more packable design without compromising strength has resulted in a customer favourite. This is a robust, lightweight, elegant, and packable 3x3m gazebo.

The design includes an additional stage of telescoping legs and double-crossbow scissor-frame upper. Which helps the gazebo pack down to a tiny 93cm high, making for an extremely portable UPF50+ shade tent.

It’s a huge favourite for use as a beach or picnic tent, as a market stall tent, and as the ultimate camping gazebo.

Spoga Gafa icon - the world's premier outdoor show for manufacturer's of the world's best outdoor products. Altegra is awarded the prestigious Innovation Award for the Compact 3x3m Gazebo Canopy design.
SPOGA GAFA Innovation Award

We took our Compact Canopy frame design to Germany to pit it against the world’s best gazebos. The most reputable and competitive global outdoors show. We’re proud to have been awarded the prestigious innovation award for our Compact Canopy frame – a design that we based on our customer’s feedback.

Thank you! 

Watch our Youtube video for setup overview.

THE ALTEGRA Elite Canopy

Unrivalled Quality, Unrivalled Protection. High-quality fabric, UPF50+ Excellent sun protection, 100% waterproof and a long-lasting, professional looking roof.

Your portable shelter’s roof must shield you from rain, wind, and the irrepressible Australian sun. Our challenge is to protect you, your family, club, or employees from all types of weather and to make it look great while doing so.

The Altegra Elite canopy defines superior quality for portable pop up tents. We’ve selected high-grade Polyester with a PVC internal lining as the fabric of choice – a wear-resistant, waterproof, and sun-protective fabric that’s also pliable for easy folding. At 330+ GSM (550+ Denier), it’s a fabric density that offers extensive protection and lasts.

Our canopy design is thoughtful and well-considered. We’ve combatted tearing and wear from friction with internal reinforcement panels. We use high-tensile double-stitching to keep sewn lines intact and robust. We then treat all stitching with seam-sealing to keep water out.

Colour-fast for canopies that last. Our range of in-stock colours remains vibrant, far longer than the rest. But it’s our custom-printed dye-sublimation that takes the cake – epic colours that relish the sun.

The Altegra Elite canopy makes for a quality portable shelter that you will love.

Altegra sunsmart UPF icon
UP50+ Excellent Sun Protection
Altegra 100% waterproof materials icon
100% Waterproof Material
Altegra accessories connection canopy icon
360-degree Wall Attachment
Altegra canopy fabric weight icon
330+ GSM Fabric Thickness
Altegra reinforced canopy icon for wear-resistance
Wear-resistant Reinforcement
Altegra hook and loop anchoring icon
Multiple Frame Anchoring Points
Altegra heat seam sealed canopy icon
Hot Tape Seam-sealed Joints
Altegra canopy colouring icon
Colour-fast Fabric To Age Elegantly

UPF50+ Excellent Australian Sun Shelter

ARPANSA UPF 50+ Excellent sun protection factor authorised product swing tag - issued and licensed by ARPANSA for Altegra Australia.

The Altegra Elite canopy is tested and certified by ARPANSA, Australia’s authority on sun protection. The Cancer Council’s “SunSmart”  program relies on ARPANSA for accurate testing and daily UV levels.

UPF50+ Excellent is the highest rating offered for shade protection. Which means you’re covered for all-day protection by your Altegra gazebo or marquee canopy.

View the full Altegra UPF testing report.

12-Month Canopy Warranty

Altegra gazebos and marquees canopy warranty - The Altegra Elite canopy has a 12 month warranty.

We’re proud to offer our customers the best quality shelter and the best warranties to back your decisions. The Altegra Elite Canopy is covered with our 12-month canopy warranty.

We’re confident in our products, and we back our customers accordingly.

Select from our range of in-stock Gazebo and Marquee colours or customise your canopy with our design assistance.

OUR two types of Gazebo and Marquee Joints

The important parts that hold your Altegra together.

Robust Aluminium Joints

Altegra's Heavy-Duty gazebo and folding marquee joints.

Aluminium joints bolt the extruded aluminium upper scissor frame and the 50mm hexagonal legs together on all Heavy-Duty Altegra gazebos and folding marquees. These are the parts that reinforce the strength of our zero-compromise marquees. We have never seen any of these break due to regular use. They are seriously tough!

The aluminium joints help retain the torsional stiffness of your folding marquee. Delivering a much safer portable shade structure when increasing the coverage span, like with our 4x4m and 4x8m folding marquees.

Altegra's robust Heavy Duty gazebo frame with aluminium joints.
Robust aluminium joints keep significant structural integrity without adding excessive weight.

Lightweight ABS Joints

Altegra's Premium Steel and Pro Lite 40mm gazebos and folding marquee joints.

ABS joints are the lightweight solution to connecting the upper scissor frame on on our Pro Lite, Premium Steel, and Compact Canopy frames. ABS is a polymer that is renowned for its impact resistance and toughness at a low weight.

Keeping the overall weight of your gazebo low but its strength high ensures your Altegra remains packable and portable.

ABS gazebo joints on our Compact Canopy hexagonal aluminium leg gazebo.
ABS gazebo joints on our Compact Canopy hexagonal aluminium leg gazebo along with step-by-step setup instruction labels.

a Gazebo or a Marquee?

To cover all Australian’s needs, we’ve made sure we stock a full range of portable shade shelter sizes, from the small and lightweight 2.4m x 2.4m carpark-sized Gazebos to our 4m x 8m Heavy Duty folding Marquees.​

Altegra gazebo and marquee size and frame availability table - highlighting all sizes and the frames that are available for each.
Altegra gazebo and marquee availability size table.

Confused about whether it’s a gazebo or a marquee? So is our industry! We shed some light on the ambiguity with our “What’s the difference between a marquee, a gazebo and a canopy?” page.

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