Altegra Heavy Duty 3m x 6m Marquee

Australia's leading event compliant commercial 3m x 6m folding marquee engineered for high-demand use and comprehensive weather protection.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m folding marquee with black UPF50+ canopy - Australia's premium folding aluminium event marquees constructed to deliver dependability and comprehensive protection.
ARPANSA UPF 50+ Excellent sun protection factor authorised product swing tag - issued and licensed by ARPANSA for Altegra Australia.

UPF 50+

The gold standard in portable heavy duty 3m x 6m commercial event marquees. We spearhead impressive integrity with vastly robust aluminium parts, a strategically reinforced canopy and comprehensive anchoring.

For leading safety and quality, rely on the unrivalled dependability of the Altegra Heavy Duty 3 x 6 Marquee.

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$1599.00 incl. GST

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Marquee, UPF50+ canopy, wheeled bag, guy ropes & pegs.
Custom-printing options available.

Heavy Duty 3m x 6m Marquee Overview

Safety, integrity, and longevity are explicitly engineered into our Heavy Duty 3m x 6m marquee. The protection of those attending your event is paramount, so no corners on safety have been cut. As a result, the hard-wearing construction delivers unprecedented longevity - so much so that we cover the Heavy Duty with an unmatched Lifetime Warranty.

High volume 50/58mm hexagonal aluminium extrusions and reinforced ceiling trusses are locked together with extremely resilient cast-aluminium frame joints. A marquee construction that maximises strength and minimises structural play. We’ve designed our Heavy Duty marquees to exceed already conservative Australian public safety recommendations, making them compliant for all events.

A favourite portable commercial marquee for festivals, schools, sporting events, promotional use and event coordinators.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m marquee in royal blue with an overview of key event marquee features - Australia's foremost folding 3m x 6m marquee for events.
Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m marquee in royal blue with an overview of key event marquee features - Australia's foremost folding 3m x 6m marquee for events.

For specifications and detailed information, scroll to our Heavy Duty 3m x 6m Marquee facts below.

Commercial event marquees need to be ever-focussed on event safety.

Dependability comes in a close second.

The 3x6m Marquee is the most popular large-span folding marquee size for hosting events. It provides a wide sheltered space with a hugely robust frame and sturdy stance, protecting its occupants from the weather. It remains portable and easy to set up.

By far the highest-demand users, Australia’s hire and rental companies seek out our Heavy Duty 3x6m. Therefore, we have designed and manufactured our 3x6m heavy duty marquee to keep them in business.

That means strength, durability, Section 238 regulatory compliance (public event safety requirement), and spare parts are locally available.

Our 3x6m Heavy Duty Marquee is specifically engineered for safe commercial use.

Heavy Duty 3m x 6m Marquee Specifications

Our no-corners-cut robust 3m x 6m marquee that is engineered for safety and to last. Our detailed specifications for the Heavy Duty 3x6m marquee outline all aspects of the dependable folding event marquee so you can appreciate that you’re covered by the best:


Product inclusions / package icon

Package Contents

- 3x6m Heavy Duty marquee
- 3x6m Altegra Elite canopy
- Nylon Wheeled Bag
- Guy Ropes & Pegs
- Setup Instructions

Altegra marquee dimensions icon

Frame Dimensions

H x W x D
152 x 57 x 32
(60″ x 22.4″ x 12.6″)

Altegra marquee setup area dimensions icon

Setup Dimensions

W x L = A
3m x 6m = 18m²
~35-40 people

Altegra marquee weight icon

Frame Weight

57kg - Frame Only

Altegra marquee canopy scale icon

Canopy Weight

13kg - Canopy Only

Altegra Lifetime Warranty icon - leading marquee manufacturer's warranties

Lifetime Warranty

Confidently backed by our Genuine Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty.

The 3m x 6m Heavy Duty Frame

The Altegra hexagonal Heavy Duty aluminium frame is an iconic gazebo and marquee frame. Its 50/58mm hexagonal aluminium legs and 2mm sidewalls define the robust foundation of a frame that has been often imitated, never duplicated. Cast-aluminium joints are steadfast frame connectors locking in hefty integrity. Add oversized feet, heavy-sprung elongated peak tensioning centre poles and frame to canopy anchoring for a shelter that stands fast in all weather. We’ve added quality and integrity into every component for maximum integrity and durability.

Altegra Marquee material icon

Frame Material

High-quality, 6061 Aluminium Alloy extrusions.

Marquee Legs Profile

50mm (58mm Diagonal) Hexagonal aluminium.
2mm thick sidewalls.

Altegra Aluminium frame joints icon

ALU Connecting Joints

Hugely robust Aluminium joints compose frame without risk of breakage.

Altegra marquee footplate icon

Oversized Footplate

140 x 140 x 185mm Galvanised Footplate for solid gazebo anchoring.

Altegra Gazebo and Marquee Walls icon

Reinforced Trusses

Carefully engineered truss profile and reinforcing ensure upper frame integrity.

Peak Tensioning

Heavy concealed spring(s) keep our extra-tall canopy peak tensioned.

Elongated Centre Poles

Intuitive frame design keeps canopy peak tensioned to avoid sag, wind flap, and water pooling.

Altegra replacement spare parts icon - 100% rebuildable marquees and heavy duty gazebos

100% Rebuildable Marquee

Our Heavy Duty 3x6m marquee is completely rebuildable with spare parts available locally.

Altegra height adjustability icon

6 Leg Heights

6-position leg extension for setup on uneven surfaces or tall occupants.

Frame Finish

Brushed aluminium surface.
Fluted corrugations.

Altegra marquee joint ring pull icon

Nylon Ring Pull

Simple and long-lasting. The ring-pull mechanism locks all adjustments.

Altegra marquee walls connection icon

Reliable Canopy Anchoring

Heavy velcro on each leg for reliable frame to canopy attachment.

Our Heavy Duty aluminium pop up marquee frame is the result of extensive real-world testing and our continuous dedication to improvement. A portable marquee that's robust and easy to set up with extensive standards compliance.

The Altegra Elite 3x6m Canopy

Cover yourself and your marquee occupants with comprehensive weather protection that lasts. Our focus for the Altegra 3x6m marquee canopy is to deliver packability and impressive durability. The minimum protection standards we’ve achieved are UPF50+ Excellent sun protection and 100% waterproof. We ensure durability with high-tensile stitching, reinforcing panels at all friction points, This is why our Elite canopy on the Heavy Duty 3x6m marquee remains at the top.

Altegra marquee sun protection icon

UPF50+ Sun Protection

Sun protection tested and certified by Australian authority.

Altegra waterproof canopy icon

100% Waterproof Material

High-quality PVC lined Polyester results in 100% waterproofing.

Altegra marquee canopy material weight icon

330GSM+ Fabric Weight

330GSM Polyester fabric weight, durable and foldable.

Reinforced Friction Panels

Gussets protect from wear caused by frame contact in windy conditions.

Waterproof Seam Sealing

Heat applicated seam-sealing treats all stitched edges.

Lofted Centre Peak

Our extended canopy design avoids water pooling.

Altegra marquee walls connection icon

24 Secure Attachments

Our 3x6m canopy is secured to the frame at 24 points for maximal integrity and to minimise movement.

Altegra marquee attachment icon

360° Walls Connection

Built-in connectivity to seamlessly attach walls to all 4 sides.

Brass Eyelets

Weatherproof brass eyelets protect the canopy from friction.

Altegra colours rainbow icon

Colour-fast Finish

Fibre dying and UV treatments retain colour for as long as possible.

High-tensile Stitching

Our canopies are double stitched using resilient Polyester thread.

Altegra custom marquee print icon

Printed vs Sewn Logo

The Altegra logo is printed to avoid puncturing your waterproof fabric.

Altegra 12-month canopy warranty icon - leading marquee warranties

12 Month Warranty

We back all our fabric with a 12-month warranty to ensure it keeps you covered by the best.

For extreme protection from your event marquee, your Altegra Elite canopy is unrivalled.

Eye-catching Custom Printed Marquees for events

The centrepiece to your event presence should make a statement and promote your brand. Our professionally printed, custom branded 3x6m event marquees support your brand, club or team and will be the envy of your competitors!

Altegra custom printing unlimited colours droplet icon

Endless Colours

Full design freedom with no limitation on colour or gradient selection.

Design Assistance

We lend our expertise to assist in your eye-catching design.

Altegra custom printing laser sharp icon

Laser Sharp Lines

Our printing avoids ink bleed resulting in epic clean lines.

Photo Quality

Print sophisticated images in true photo-quality.

Dye Permeates Fibres

Gas dye permeates the fabric fibres far deeper than ink.

Altegra custom printed marquee logo free icon

No Altegra Logo

We're proud of our products but we don't taint your canopy design with our logo.

Altegra custom branded event marquee - 3x6m custom marquee, 4x4m custom marquee, and 4x8m custom branded event marquees are our specialty.

Customise your choice of 3m x 6m marquee canopy panels and walls.

Custom branded gazebos and marquees are an Altegra specialty. We’ve focussed on outstanding, long-lasting prints since our first heavy duty marquee landed in Australia. And we’re committed to delivering remarkable results so your brand, club, or group really stands out.

We choose only the highest-quality commercial printing processes and materials to provide the best results with exceptional longevity. Vivid colours, sharp lines and photo-quality image prints are emblazoned onto waterproof, UPF50+ polyester that stands proud for years.

Custom branded 3x6m marquees by Altegra stand out and deliver memorable presences at every event.

Printing options for your 3m x 6m marquee.

Choose to print a small part of your pop up roof or completely wrap your gazebo in your brand with a full canopy and walls print. Our team will work closely with you to assist in designing a 3m x 6m event shelter that looks great when printed, yet even more spectacular when set up and next to a competitor.

Listed below are the most frequently selected printing solutions. These are merely suggestions to simplify the printing selection process based on popular designs. You’re free to design your marquee as you please (with our assistance if required)!

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Folding Marquee with custom printed UPF50+ canopy image - 1x 6m Valance custom printed panel.

Single 6m Valance

Single side, 6m front-facing panel printing.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Folding Marquee with custom printed UPF50+ canopy image - 2x 6m Valance custom printed panels.

2x 6m Valance Print

Both 6m front & back valance panels are printed.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Folding Marquee with custom printed UPF50+ canopy image - 4x Valance custom printed panels.

4x Valance Print

Full valance wrap, all 4x Valances printed.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Folding Marquee with custom printed UPF50+ canopy image - 1x 6m Valance and 1x 6m pitch custom printed panels.

Full-side 6m Print

Both the 6m front and the adjoining roof pitch printed.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Folding Marquee with custom printed UPF50+ canopy image - 2x 6m Valance and 2x 6m pitch custom printed panels.

2x Valance & 2x Pitch

Both 6m pitches and their adjoined valances printed.

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m Folding Marquee with custom printed UPF50+ canopy image - full custom printed canopy.

Full 3x6m Canopy Print

The full 360° custom printed 3x6m marquee canopy.

View custom 3m x 6m marquee printing options, pricing, and place your order online.

There's no need to stop at the canopy - design full wallkits, banners, and tablecloths for a show stopping event presence!

Why the Altegra Heavy Duty 3m x 6m Marquee is the favoured folding event marquee.

Altegra Lifetime Warranty icon - leading marquee manufacturer's warranties

Genuine Lifetime Manufacturer's Warranty

We design, manufacture, test for quality, and are the suppliers of your Heavy Duty aluminium 3m x 6m marquee. An advantage of maintaining control of all our products from design to delivery is that we have complete confidence and will guarantee that they perform as expected.

A "genuine" warranty is one where we genuinely care about the performance of our products and our customers who use them. Therefore, we back our Heavy Duty marquees and gazebos with an unheard of Lifetime Warranty.

Altegra heavy duty gazebo and heavy duty marquee cast aluminium joint image

Cast Aluminium Frame Joints

Our Cast Aluminium Frame joints are impressively steadfast. The frame joint is the most functional component of the marquee, attaching the leg to the upper frame, roof truss to roof truss, and connecting the extendable legs. Substantial forces are imposed upon the marquee joints - therefore, there can be no compromise on strength.

Our heavy duty marquee joints harmonise high strength and tight tolerance, helping suppress superficial movement throughout the marquee. We are proud to state that we have never had an aluminium marquee joint fail and that our Heavy Duty gazebos have incredible lifespans.

The Altegra Hexagonal Aluminium frame - the frame that Altegra pioneered which is used in our Pro Lite and Heavy Duty gazebos and marquees. From our 2.4x2.4m gazebo to our 4x8m marquee, our hexagonal aluminium delivers strength and safety.

50/58mm Hexagonal Aluminium Marquee Frame

The heavy-gauge, 50mm (58mm diagonal) Altegra hexagonal aluminium frame commands strength and longevity but retains easy handling. It's in balancing these concerns where our hexagonal frame shade structures shine.

Our 50mm Heavy Duty marquee frame is a carefully engineered combination of aluminium extrusions. We've crafted each leg and truss of the marquee, optimising for strength and smooth operation while ensuring it remains portable. Rest assured, your Altegra Heavy Duty 3x6m marquee is an investment for many years of dependable outdoor events.

Australian Standards Section 238 compliant product icon - Altegra Heavy Duty marquees and Pro Lite gazebos are structurally engineered for event marquee safety.

Prescribed Temporary Structures Certificate of Compliance (Section 238)

By designing and manufacturing our Heavy Duty 3m x 6m marquees using Australian safety regulations and our valued customer feedback as the baseline, we can deliver an exceptional product that exceeds expectations. Australia holds particularly high safety standards, which forms the backbone of all of the design of our Heavy Duty marquees. Ensuring public safety when using a commercial marquee at events is an absolute MUST.

Section 238 regulatory compliance is mandatory for public use of 3x6m marquees in Australia. All our Heavy Duty marquees carry current structural computations from independent Australian engineers authenticating conformance with the Prescribed Temporary Structures requirements.

HRIA compatible icon - we've engineered Altegra heavy duty aluminium gazebos and marquees to the specific guidelines and requirements of the hire and rental association of Australia for safe public use, for reliability, and to last.

Engineered to Suit the rigours of high-demand use

Our Heavy Duty gazebos and marquees have been revised through 15 years of improvement to target reliability for frequent use. Our commercial marquee users put our pop-up tents through the heaviest use, therefore, are a valuable source of feedback for product revision and innovation. As a result, all components of our Heavy Duty range are professional grade.

The Hire and Rental Industry Association Australia - HRIA is the authority that advocates for the safe use of portable shade structures. Our recommendations for safe marquee use is based on the HRIA Marquee Weighting Guide and the HRIA Marquee Pegging Guide. Our HRIA customers are among the most frequent users, who expect that their heavy duty pop-up marquees deliver exceptional performance.

Event Marquee Accessories to complement our 3x6m Heavy Duty Marquee

Hexagonal Frame Connector

Connect hexagonal event marquee frames together with our frame connectors.

20kg Steel Weights

Keep your 3x6m folding marquee anchored safely with stackable 20kg marquee weights.

Heavy Duty Pegs & Ropes

Set up securely in wind with high strength peg and spring-loaded guy rope kit.

Full 3x6m Wall Kit

Your choice of 3m walls can be attached to your marquee. A full wall kit includes 6x 3m walls.

All 3x6m Heavy Duty Marquee accessories can be added to your online order.

Shop Altegra 3x6m Marquees and Accessories online:

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