2024 Victorian Shade Grants Program

The lowdown on the Victorian government's Shade Grants program.

The Victorian Shade Grants Program is a state government initiative that provides an opportunity to fund the purchase of new or upgraded shade solutions in an aim to lower damaging UV exposure for the Victorian public. The community shade grant applies to portable shade structures such as tents, gazebos and marquees for sporting and recreation clubs, community and other groups using public outdoor venues.

We intend to share our experience to assist with many of the queries that we’ve fielded about this program in the past. Let’s get started!

Who we are and where we fit in to the grants program.

We are a dedicated Australian gazebo and marquee company that has worked closely with many of our customers since the grant was introduced. We provide assistance understanding applications and draft official quotes as part of the shade grant program. We have developed a range of effective sun shelters that are the highest-rated portable shade solutions to help protect our community. Which is exactly what the Victorian Government are attempting to do.

The victorian shade grant that applies to the portable shade shelters that we develop and that are covered under the program, currently only applies to community groups. The school shade grants program does not include portable shade.

We have included frequently asked questions below from our experience to assist you in beginning your shade grant application and research of appropriate tents, gazebos, and marquees for your club.

2021 Victorian Shade Grants Program Application Round

This round of applications has expired. Contact us for more information.

The latest round of Victorian shade grant applications closed on the 10th of September, 2021, at 11:59 pm. Contact us to express future interest in getting involved, and we'll be in touch when we hear of anything new.

We're happy to help.

We’re happy to help understand the Victorian Community Shade Grants program, to provide quotes, or refer you to grants professionals.

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Frequently asked questions about the Shade Grants Program.

What is the Shade Grants Program?

The Victorian Shade Grants Program is provided through two grant schemes: the Community Shade Grants Program, and the School Shade Grants Program for Victorian Government schools. The Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) administers the grants program and is inviting Victorian government schools and incorporated community groups to apply for a shade grant.

What is the aim of the shade grants program?

The community shade grants program and the school shade grants program are Victorian State Government initiatives aimed to promote an improved uptake of sun protection practices across the state. Shade grants are being awarded in an effort to reduce the Victorian public’s exposure to UV radiation by increasing accessibility to shade.

What does the shade grant program cover?

A grant from the shade grants program can fund up to 100% of the total project cost for all relevant items. Eligible items include:

  • new permanent shade.
  • repair or replacement of existing permanent shade.
  • natural shade.
  • portable shade.
  • and sun protective items.

Who can apply for the shade grants programs?

There are two distinct groups of eligible applicants:

Community Shade Grants

  • Community groups.
  • Sports clubs.
  • Scouts and Guide groups
  • Local councils.
  • Kindergartens.
  • Early childhood education and care services.
  • Churches.

School Shade Grants

  • All Victorian Government schools are eligible to apply.

All applicants must be not-for-profit, must provide services to the community, and is preferable to hold an Australian ABN that links to the Australian trading name.

How does Altegra relate to the shade grants program?

Altegra Australia is a long standing provider of high-quality portable shade products to both schools and community groups. We have supported hundreds of applicants with their grants, working to maximise the opportunity available to them. We deliver premium quality portable marquees and gazebos, with full custom logos and designs, and ensure that you receive the right product for your specific requirement.

We’ve maintained a consistent focus on the safety and the protection of the occupants of your portable shade, manufacturing both our canopies and accessories (like walls) to the highest Australian standards for sun protection. Our reinforced Polyester materials are constructed out of premium grade treated fabrics, leading our industry in sun protection, water-proofing, and longevity. Altegra products simply provide the best sun protection available across our entire range.

Are portable shade structures like gazebos and marquees funded by both grants?

Portable Shade structures like gazebos and marquees are only funded under the Community Shade Grant. In contrast, the School Shade Grants are, unfortunately, not available to fund portable shade structures.

Can I customise my portable shade structure with the grant?

Yes, it is possible to customise your shade structure through the grant program. However, as a community group who has been awarded a Community Shade Grant, custom branding and logos added to your portable marquee or gazebo shade structure will not be covered by the program. The addition of these customisations can be quoted separately and are to be self-funded by your organisation. The result will be a premium quality, fully branded portable shade structure with the majority of the portable shade structure funded by the program.

Is there a sun protection factor rating for portable shade?

The sun protection factor of portable shade is tested and approved by the Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency (ARPANSA), the Australian Government’s primary authority on radiation protection and nuclear safety. ARPANSA provides Australia’s leading testing against damaging UV rays, and is the laboratory who tests the Australian Cancer Council and VicHealth‘s “SunSmart™” solutions.

What is the range of sun protection available?

ARPANSA provides sun protection ratings from UPF 2 for some shade cloths, to the “UPF Excellent” rating of 50+. Any fabric that has a UPF rating of 35 or above can provide all day protection from solar UVR (ultraviolet radiation).

The full range of Altegra tents, gazebos, folding marquees, and walls are rated “UPF50+ Excellent” by ARPANSA – the highest sun protection rating possible.

Where to find ARPANSA recommended portable shade providers.

Visit the ARPANSA Shade Products Buyer’s Guide for government-rated sun shelter solutions. Our canopies and walls have been tested in 2019 and are updated with every manufacturing change.

What are the funding levels available through the shade grant?

Up to $50,000 of funding is available for community groups who meet eligibility under the competitive grants program. The following are the funding bands and the requirements for each:

Band 0 projects up to $700: Sun protective items only. No quote or letter required.

Band 1 projects up to $10,000: 2 quotes, 1 letter of support/approval required.

Band 2 projects $10,001 – $25,000: 2 quotes, 2 letters of support/approval

Band 3 projects $25,001 – $50,000: 2 quotes, 2 letters of support/approval required.

Written quotes are required to be within the past 12 months for the intended portable shade purchase. Letters of support and/or approval are required on behalf of any organisation or group who will own/manage/share the structure.

Community Shade Grants

Altegra Portable Shade Product Overview

All Altegra gazebos and marquees that are fitted with our UPF50+ walls are highly regarded as effective portable shade structures. As an eligible community group seeking to provide protective cover for their events, we have a solution for you.  Each solution is snugly fitted with the Altegra Premium Canopy, the foldable fabric roof that delivers UPF 50+ Excellent shade protection. All our shade fabrics have been tested and approved by the Australian government, exceeding standards for all-day protection from damaging UVR.

Our involvement in the Community Shade Grants program.

We’ve been working with schools and community groups for over 15 years to ensure the right product keeps you and your group covered. We are one of the longest-standing Australian manufacturers of portable shade structures whose mission has always been to deliver premium quality at the right price.

Each of our portable shade structures are engineered to withstand varied levels of outdoor weather conditions and each one has its place with those who run community events. When you choose Altegra, you’re choosing a trusted brand.

Community Event Marquees
Expansive 4 x 8m Branded Heavy-Duty Altegra Marquees deliver the dependability when safety and reliability cannot be compromised.
Community Groups
Lightweight, portable solutions without a significant compromise in strength ensure ease of mobility.
Sporting Club Marquees
Standing out in support of your team year after year. Industry-leading warranties back our products for your confidence.
Scouts and Guides
Branded 3x3 Gazebos with attached banners are a standout setup for any fundraising event.
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A brief overview of each of the Altegra Portable Shade solutions under the Community Grants program.

Altegra Premium Steel gazebos

Altegra Premium Steel 3x3 Red Marquee/gazebo

The Altegra Premium Steel gazebo is the affordable shade solution intended for the casual gazebo user. The 29mm powder coated steel legs and upper frame provide a high degree of strength without the burden of significant weight. The Altegra Premium Canopy is fitted to each Premium Steel gazebo.

This is our solution that is offered as a higher quality alternative than traditional hardware or department store gazebos. Being an Altegra product, it is covered by the renowned Altegra support and manufacturer’s warranty.

The Altegra Premium Steel gazebos are available in 3x3m and 3×4.5m sizes.

Who is the Premium Steel range best for?

This gazebo range is less frequently recommended for public events as it is intended for lighter-weight use. It is favoured by those who are outdoor enthusiasts who are after easy sun protection for their family. It is the affordable solution whose construction is superior to its like competitors though cannot stand up against the Altegra Pro Lite or Altegra Heavy-Duty in integrity or safety.

Altegra Pro Lite 40mm Aluminium Gazebos and Marquees

Altegra Black gazebo with window wall - pine forest background

The Altegra Pro Lite is our range of expertly engineered light-weight, yet significantly robust gazebos and folding marquees. Its frame is constructed from high-grade aluminium, with 40mm (46mm diagonal) hexagonal legs and reinforced aluminium upper frame crossbows. This is the lightest of our portable shade range that has had no compromise in strength.

The Pro Lite is the ultimate portable shade solution for community groups who frequently set up and transport their gazebo or marquee. It is the perfect balance between strength and lightweight.

Additional packability can also be achieved through Altegra’s Compact Canopy innovation, the world renowned and awarded gazebo design. (Available in the 3x3m size only).

The Pro Lite is available in 2.4 x 2.4m, 3 x 3m, and 3 x 4.5m gazebo sizes, as well as, the 3 x 6m folding marquee.

Who is the Altegra Pro Lite 40mm range best for?

The Altegra Pro Lite range is a favourite for community groups like early childhood education and care services, kindergartens, and those who value the added transportability that the lighter weight frame offers. Many of our customers who cherish the Altegra Pro Lite are campers and market stall holders.

It has been engineered to surpass Australian standards for extreme weather conditions, provided correct anchoring has been administered. A popular solution for many applicants of the Community Shade Grants program.

Altegra Heavy Duty 50mm Aluminium Gazebos and Marquees

The Altegra Heavy Duty is THE preferred portable shade structure for schools and community groups alike. This is the product that we have built our reputation on – a dependable portable shade structure that delivers industry-leading safety, longevity, and good looks.

The 50mm (58mm diagonal) hexagonal Aluminium frame is significantly robust, engineered to stand true in the most extreme outdoor conditions. All components of this frame are built to last. From oversized galvanised steel feet, to cast aluminium fittings, no component has been overlooked. The industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty proves that this is the portable shade structure to trust.

The Heavy Duty Altegra is intended for use when there can be no compromise in safety and dependability. This is the portable shade solution for Schools, Community Groups, Public Events Organisers, and Sports Clubs.

The Heavy Duty is available in 3 x 3m and 3 x 4.5m gazebo sizes, as well as, 3 x 6m, 4 x 4m, and 4 x 8m folding marquee sizes.

Who is the Altegra Heavy Duty 50mm range best for?

The Altegra Heavy-Duty 50mm Aluminium range is the solution for those holding public events who have an uncompromising need for dependability. Its heavier-weight aluminium construction ensures steadfastness in the most extreme weather scenarios. No detail has been left out of its design – its industry-leading manufacturer’s warranty reflects this.

It has been engineered to surpass Australian standards for extreme weather conditions, provided correct anchoring has been administered. This is the preferred gazebo and folding marquee frame for most community groups applying for the Victorian Shade Grants.

Ultimate Sun Protection

The entire Altegra gazebo and marquee range is complete with Altegra’s premium canopy, the UPF 50+ rated sun protection, waterproof, fitted fabric roof.

ARPANSA UPF 50+ Excellent Protection swing tag - issued and licensed by ARPANSA for Altegra Australia.
The Altegra Premium Canopy in white - waterproof, UPF 50+ sun protection, perfectly fitted to Altegra gazebos and marquees.

Our canopies are manufactured out of premium-grade Polyester, treated for maximal sun-protection with PVC lining. The medium-weight fabrics ensure longevity and colour-fastness, while additional seam-sealing and our PVC lining also fortify your shade structure against the weather.

UPF50+ walls are a seamless additional accessory for the canopy and frame, connecting with heavy-duty velcro across its entire top length and looped to the legs. Both canopy and walls are treated to be 100% waterproof and to retain long-standing UV protection.

How to Apply to the Victorian Shade Grants Program

A basic step-by-step guide for the shade grants application:

  1. Download the applicable shade grants program guides and check your eligibility:

    a. School Shade Grants Program – Round 5 2020 Program guidelines (word)
    b. Community Shade Grants Program – Round 5 2020 Program guidelines (word)

  2. Prepare your idea by discussing the project with key members of your group and ensure concept approval.

  3. Meet all key groups that your project may impact and obtain written permission/support.

  4. Obtain 2x quotes for your required UPF 50+ rated portable shelters.


    Either visit the Altegra Marquee Builder to select from our gazebos and marquees for an official quote, or contact us for assistance.

  5. Identify and document evidence as to why your project is needed (to include in your application) and start assembling relevant supporting information (for example, group membership numbers, nomination of a primary applicant and secondary admin contact).

  6. Register with the Victorian State Government’s “SmartyGrants” program here: Victorian Cancer Agency.

    a. Register your details with the new registration link.
    b. An email will be sent to your registered email address to verify your account.
    c. Click the link on the email to login with your new account.
    d. Select the “Fill Out Now” icon to start your new application.
    e. Fill out your application accurately and thoroughly.

  7. Submit your application.

Once submitted, your application will be subject to inspection by the Vichealth Shade Grants Program team.

Getting started

Obtain a quote from our Marquee Builder

Additional Shade Grant Resources:

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Grant Professionals logo - Victorian Community Shade grants preparation assistance group.

The Grant Professionals are a team of professionals that will do most of the work in preparing the grant application specifically for your club. They are friendly, easy to work with, and will make your grant application present at its best in the competitive application process.

Contact: [email protected]
Phone: (03) 7019 8718

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