Altegra Aluminet Shade Wall With Door

Altegra Aluminet Shade Wall With Door

A heat reflective gazebo shade wall with door to open and enclose access into your cool shelter.

Our heat-reflective “Aluminet” material makes the perfect shade wall – reflecting sunshine and allowing hot air to escape from your gazebo. An added roll up and zip down door provides an entry to your enclosed sun shelter. The ideal accessory for your easy up on hot summer days at the beach or in the field.

  • Woven aluminium foil and polyethylene monofilament fabric.
  • Full-length Velcro attachment to your Altegra gazebo canopy.
  • Velcro loops keep a taut wall in the wind by attaching to your gazebo legs.
  • Ground-level elastic hooks attach to your footplate to retain wall tension.
Important Note: Compatible with all Altegra 3x3m gazebos and marquees. The wall attaches with a Velcro strip along the top length of your wall to the underside of your canopy.If you have another branded gazebo, please check your canopy for compatibility.
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1x Altegra Aluminet shade door wall (2.4m or 3m).

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Easy access to your airy shade shelter with the Altegra Aluminet wall with door.

The Altegra Aluminet shade wall with door provides wide access into your shade shelter and zips down to close off your space. The Aluminet material is a perforated fabric that reflects heat and allows the cool breeze to flow through. The perfect shade wall for your 2.4×2.4m or 3x3m gazebo to use by itself or complement a combination of connecting Altegra walls.

Reflective aluminium and durable monofilament weave

Altegra Aluminet fabric is a wide weave of a hardy aluminium foil and polyethylene monofilament, resulting in a durable fabric that reflects heat and allows airflow.

Altegra Aluminet fabric is a wide weave of a hardy aluminium foil and polyethylene monofilament, resulting in a durable fabric that reflects heat and allows airflow.
Altegra Aluminet gazebo shade wall with door rolled up and stowed with the easy to use toggles and loops.

Wide open access or close up for private shade

Loops and toggles stow your rolled-up door flap out of the way for easy access to the inside of your shade shelter. When it’s time for full shade or privacy, heavy-duty zips secure the door shut.

Integrated connection with your gazebo canopy

Our full-length heavy duty Velcro attachment secures your shade wall to the underside of your canopy making for a great aesthetic and full integration of wall to roof.

Altegra velcro wall attachment system - connects your gazebo shade walls and solid walls to the underside of your Altegra canopy. Making a well integrated look, attaches in seconds and seals out weather.
Altegra Aluminet gazebo shade wall and shade canopy attachment - velcro strips attach walls across the full length of the underside of the roof and loops connect wall to legs for a setup that's quick and easy and highly effective. Each wall connects to each other with industrial zips for a complete seal.

Use as a single shade wall or add more

Velcro loops on each and elastic, ground-level loops secure your shade wall to your gazebo legs to use individually.

Lateral zips on each end empower the connection of wall-to-wall when you want more shade.


2.4m Wall

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2.4m wall dimensions

L x H
2.4m x 2.1m

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2.4m wall weight


3m Wall

Altegra marquee setup area dimensions icon

3m wall dimensions

L x H
3m x 2.1m

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Wall weight



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Heat-reflecting aluminium

Aluminium foil filaments reflect sunlight and heat.

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Woven material

Woven aluminium and polyethylene monofilament enhance material strength.

Air venting

Perforated fabric design allows cool air in and hot air out.

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Full-length wall attachment

Rapid and effective full-length 30mm Velcro connection to your canopy.

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Velcro anchoring

Heavy-duty velcro provides a strong hold between your gazebo frame and shade wall.

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Industrial zip enclosures

Heavy-duty zips secure your door shut.

Industrial door enclosures

Loops and toggles stow a rolled up door securely out of the way.

Pegging loops

Ground-level peg eyelets on either side of door maintain your wall's shape when open.


12-Month Warranty

A 12-month manufacturer's warranty applies to Altegra material.

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