Altegra Folding Camping Table

Aluminium Folding Table - heavy duty aluminium frame and surface construction by Altegra.

that's built as tough as a marquee and packs tight.

New aluminium Folding Camping table. A Heavy-Duty Portable Solution by Altegra.

Altegra’s aluminium folding camping table is an exciting new solution designed so you can take a robust and reliable table with you anywhere. We’re all about manufacturing dependable solutions and our folding table is the latest exciting offering that will add to your camping enjoyment.

Our folding aluminium table combines our trusted hexagonal aluminium marquee frame technology into an extremely portable and adjustable table. We’ve designed our folding table to combat many of the shortfalls of the numerous lightweight moulded models available that can result in disappointment in the middle of a camping trip.

Our folding camping tables are:

  • Supremely strong.
  • Easy to clean.
  • Heat-resistant.
  • Height adjustable – 5-position.
  • Easy to set up and pack up.
  • Packed into 2 carry cases.
  • For use inside and outside.

Take a closer peek with our video:

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Completely Foldable



Altegra folding aluminium table heatproof icon


A clever heavy duty folding camping table

We designed our aluminium folding table with the award winning Pro Lite Compact Gazebo frame as inspiration. While heavy-duty folding camping tables are generally quite bulky and hard to transport and to store, our hexagonal aluminium frame packs down into two very compact and manageable carry cases. And even though the table’s strength packs a punch, the aluminium frame and lightweight joints keeps the overall weight easy to carry.

Our aluminium table significantly increases the dependability of the camping table without adding extensive bulkiness. The surface and frame both fold down into highly portable and compact carry cases.

It can support significant weights of well over 100kg (that we’ve tested in house) and delivers numerous benefits with its sturdy aluminium build. This is a product that we’re really excited about sharing!

Altegra Folding Camping Table - for backyard camping, the great outdoors, or even at home. The extremely robust, portable, and versatile folding table.
Need a folding Table for backyard camping or entertaining? Perfect.

Key Folding Table Advantages

Altegra Aluminium Table construction image - 40mm aluminium legs and aluminium crossbows bolted together with ABS nylon joints.

Lightweight Polymer Joints

Our reliable and lightweight ABS joints maintain extreme strength and rigidity. Our tried and trued pull-ring system locks the table in extension.

Altegra 3 metre Aluminium Folding Table - brushed aluminium accordion surface.

Accordion Aluminium Surface

The fold up table surface consists of concertina/accordion style brushed aluminium slats that nestle tightly in the table's top rails.

Altegra Folding Camping Table

Altegra's 3m Aluminium Folding table's height adjustable legs - up to 3 height adjustments for uneven ground or additional height.

5-Position Height Adjustable

Adjustable for a stable, even surface on uneven ground when camping. Anchor legs with pegs or weights for added integrity.

Altegra Aluminium Table bags - packs into 2 compact carry bags

Folds Up Into Two
Carry Cases

The table easily folds up into two small included carry cases. Easy to pack when hitting the road camping.

Our Aluminium Folding Tables

Our full length folding table is the perfect accessory to your 3x3m gazebo or marquee, fitting perfectly between the pop up tent’s legs. This is an extremely popular complement to any outdoor setting that provides enough surface area to support what’s important.

Our small folding table is 1.5m long, providing the same significant strength advantage as our full length folding table, though in a smaller package. The small folding table is just the right solution when space matters but you’re after the many benefits of our folding table.

Add a Shelf to your folding Camping Table to store more.

Altegra 1.5m aluminium folding table with storage shelf - a heavy-duty small camping folding table, market stall small folding table, or for exhibitions - another versatile Altegra solution.
Altegra 2.8m aluminium folding table with storage shelves - a heavy-duty camping folding table, market stall folding table, or for exhibitions - another versatile Altegra solution.

Our shelves extend the usefulness of our aluminium folding tables providing additional storage space. The single shelf fits both the 1.5m and 3m table, attached with the use of height adjustable brackets. The shelf is constructed our of the same sturdy brushed aluminium that folds down to a small package. Its brackets and rails also deconstruct into a compact space.

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