Altegra Accessories for your Gazebo or Marquee

Our range of gazebo and marquee accessories

We wouldn’t pride ourselves as gazebo and marquee professionals if we didn’t provide a perfectly fitting range of gazebo and marquee accessories. Our accessories increase the potential usefulness of your setup, whether to consolidate and simplify what you have to pack for camping or to extend the usability of your apparatus. Extend upon the flexibility and usability of your easy-up Altegra shade tent with the simple addition of solid walls, mosquito mesh, a full inner tent, and awnings. Our folding aluminium table is also a solid addition to our range. Check them out!

Altegra Inner Tent

Altegra Folding Aluminium Table

Altegra Mesh Walls

Altegra Inner Tent

Altegra Folding Aluminium Table

Altegra Mesh Walls

The Altegra Inner Tent

A complete inner tent solution to fit to any 3x3m or 3x4.5m gazebo, and is the perfect addition to your 3x6m folding marquee.

The Altegra Inner Tent - attached to the 3x3 Compact Pro Lite gazebo in royal blue.

The Altegra Inner Tent is a solution that provides a full internal enclosed space to any brand of gazebo or the larger folding marquee. Attach the inner tent to your camping gazebo or folding marquee in minutes, connecting to your easy up with side release buckles and ties. The result is an incredible 100% usable interior space, taking the challenge and discomfort out of traditional tent designs.

Altegra Inner Tent doors unzipped and open showing the huge entry.
2x huge zipped doors rollup and bundle with toggle and loop enclosures.

PU coated Polyester walls and a heavy-duty PVC floor keeps moisture out and adds integrity for improved life to existing offerings. A full polyester ceiling provides additional protection from cold nights, while huge, super fine mesh windows ventilate when the heat is turned up without letting the mosquitos and flies in. Wide opening doors allow for easy thoroughfare both at the front and rear of the inner tent.

The Altegra inner tent is attached to the upper frame using side release buckles, simplifying its setup. A central tie lifts the ceiling up to the height of the upper frame, at approximately 2 metres tall. Additional ties attach the walls to the gazebo legs, and clips hold the shape of the base to your gazebo. Peg the PVC floor to the ground with heavy duty peg loops to anchor to the ground if required.

Altegra Inner Tent internal pockets image - storage for the necessities.
Large internal pockets help provide storage for your necessities in the inner tent.
Altegra Inner Tent side release buckle attachment to any gazebo or marquee
The Altegra inner tent is attached to your gazebo upper frame with side release buckles.
A closeup of the Altegra Inner Tent polyester walls - for protection from the weather.
Waterproof Polyester walls provide excellent protection from the elements.
Altegra inner tent internal ceiling height - 2m internal height.
The 2 metre ceiling height of the inner tent adds to the massive, 100% usable inner space.

Our inner tent has been extremely popular for those who are looking to carry less when camping or 4x4ing, and for use as at trade shows when privacy is required.

  • Set Up Dimensions: Length 2.8m x Width 2.8m x Height 2.0m
  • Walls Material: PU coated polyester waterproof walls.
  • Windows Material: High-quality, fine mosquito and midge proof mesh.
  • Floor Material: Dense PVC floor - tough and extreme water resistance.
  • Door & Window Openings: Zipped open and rolled up. Held open with loops and toggles.
  • Upper Frame Connectors: Central polyester tie, 10x peripheral side-release clips.
  • Legs & feet: 4x Polyester ties for legs, 4x elastic clips to feet or peg loops for pegging.
  • Weight: 15kg (approximately)

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The Altegra Folding Aluminium Table

Altegra 3 metre foldable aluminium table - a heavy duty compact table for easy packing and transport.

The Heavy Duty, Height Adjustable, Heatproof Folding Table.

The Altegra 3-metre folding aluminium table is another flexible offering in our range, combatting some key shortfalls of the standard trestle table or foldable camping table. We have developed our folding table based off our accomplished 40mm Pro Lite Hexagonal gazebo and folding marquee frames, which are lightweight, extremely durable, and look great. The same 40mm hexagonal aluminium legs and upper scissor-frame design is applied to our aluminium folding table. The result is an incredibly strong, durable, and versatile table that packs away for easy transport and storage.

The 40mm (45mm diagonal) aluminium hexagonal legs and crossbow frame provides the expansion from their packed size into a full size 2.8m x .53m table. The frame is constructed with lightweight and durable ABS joints that effortlessly slide and lock into place. Sets of solid “accordion” aluminium slats press perfectly into top mounted rails, a simple yet elegant construction. Adjust the leg height so the surface sits evenly on uneven terrain or for a preferred height depending on your chosen activity. The resulting table surface is heat proof, is easy to clean, can support a significant load, and simply looks looks spectacular.

This is another compact yet heavy-duty Altegra product that has simplicity of setup and equally as easy pack up inherently engineered in. The frame intuitively expands with very little effort, locking into place by spring-loaded locking pins. The rails press into nodes at the top of the legs and slats unfold to sit on top. The load bearing table is up and usable in a matter of minutes with its pack up just as simple.

Our aluminium table is popular for use as a much improved camping table, for 4x4ing, for use at market stalls or events, and even for use as a standing desk in your office.

Altegra 3 metre Aluminium Folding Table - brushed aluminium accordion surface.
Sets of brushed aluminium "accordion" surface fold out and fit neatly into top mounted slats.
Altegra Aluminium Table construction image - 40mm aluminium legs and aluminium crossbows bolted together with ABS nylon joints.
40mm aluminium legs and aluminium crossbows bolted together using durable ABS nylon joints.
Altegra's 3m Aluminium Folding table's height adjustable legs - up to 3 height adjustments for uneven ground or additional height.
3-position adjustment on the 40mm hexagonal legs for uneven ground or additional height.
Altegra Aluminium Table bags - packs into 2 compact carry bags
Packs into 2 compact carry bags for easy transport and storage.

  • Table weight: Top slats (14kg) + 40mm Hex Frame (16kg) = 30kg.
  • Dimensions: Length 2.8m x Width .53m
  • Heights: 0.94m, 1.0m, 1.1m.
  • Table Surface: 6x brushed aluminium slat pairs/groups connected by hard-wearing ABS hinges.
  • Legs: Altegra 40mm hexagonal aluminium.
  • Frame: Aluminium crossbows attached with hard-wearing ABS polymer joints.
  • Bags: 2x Nylon carry bags.

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Altegra MESH Walls

Mesh walls for your gazebo or marquee.
Let the outside in but keep some of the irritating outside out.

When you're trying to enjoy the great outdoors, sometimes you want to keep some of the outdoors out. Altegra's fine mesh walls are bug-proof to keep the pests out but allow the fresh air to flow through. The perfect addition to your gazebo or folding marquee.

Altegra Gazebo Mesh Walls attaching to the gazebo with heavy duty velcro along the top edge of the wall.
The mesh walls are quickly attached to your gazebo with heavy-duty velcro running along the entire top edge of the wall.
Altegra zipped mesh wall opens up with a full length zip from the centre and attaches to the gazebo legs.
Altegra zipped mesh wall opens up with a full length zip from the centre and attaches to the gazebo legs.

We all know just how annoying mosquitos, midges, blowies, or fruit flies are when you’re trying to relax on any outdoors trip. Joining mesh walls to your gazebo to create a sealed internal environment without stuffiness in summer is a great solution. Super fine mesh sides allow for unrestricted airflow to let the cool fresh air in but the annoying bugs out. Large zippered walls that can be tied back can also add to the style of your gazebo, dressing it up for a fancy evening or two.

Our mesh gazebo walls create well-ventilated, bug-free environment in even the most infested tropical location. They connect seamlessly to your gazebo or folding marquee ensuring your complete protection from annoying pests. We choose to protect you with high quality “No-See-Um” mesh, renowned as the premiere mesh. It is a type of durable bug netting that is super fine and lightweight. The mesh sides attach to the gazebo canopy along the entire length of the upper edge using hard-wearing velcro. Our mesh walls are quick and easy to attach and to pack away.

Our mesh sides are available in either a full mesh wall or with zipped access to your internal space. A full length zip runs down the centre of the wall for quick entry and exit. When open, the zippered wall can then be bundled and held to the legs with loops and toggles. Multiple combinations of gazebo walls can also be zipped together for additional protection. Varying your setup to keep the sun off you on one side with bug netting on all the remaining walls is a popular solution for our customers when exposed to the Australian summer. 

We developed our gazebo mesh walls to be simple and to last, use after use.


Whether you're camping, fishing, 4x4ing, at the beach, or on a picnic - our mesh walls keep the bugs off and the fresh air flowing through. Yet another elegant solution to add to your enjoyment of the Australian outdoors.

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