A Heavy Duty Gazebo For ALl Australians.

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UPF50+ Excellent sun Shade

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Highest Australian Standards

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Industry Leading Warranties

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Time Tested & Proven In Australia

The heavy duty gazebo that out protects, outperforms and outlasts in all Australian conditions - that's perfect for your budget and how you use it.

Since 2004, Altegra has been the leading name behind Australia’s top Heavy Duty Gazebo range. We live in a home that throws incredibly unpredictable weather our way, along with powerful, unrelenting heat and UV rays. So it goes without saying that the gear we choose to protect us needs to be robust, reliable, and built to last. Meet Altegra’s range of gazebos, designed to precise specifications and dimensions that deliver on strength and integrity, keeping you well protected when exploring or entertaining.

What is a heavy duty gazebo?

A heavy duty gazebo is one that is tough, is designed to be used frequently for numerous years, and protects you relentlessly. Generic gazebo and marquee brands promise “heavy duty”, though don’t back you when you choose to buy, ultimately resulting in disappointment. So we craft quality products that are specifically designed to protect you when you’re enjoying our incredible outdoors, exposed to the sun, wind, and rain. And then we back our entire range with warranties to keep you protected and confident in your gear for many, many years.

Who needs a heavy duty gazebo?

A heavy duty gazebo focuses on being a reliable shelter in all weather conditions and is designed to be used for many years. So buying a sturdy gazebo with a good warranty supports all users who care about value, quality, and who plan on getting the best use out of their shelter.

Why an Altegra gazebo?

We’re a dedicated Australian gazebo and marquee company and our robust gazebo range cater to a wide range of users, from the budget-conscious who care about value through to those who won’t and can’t cut corners. We craft three different tough gazebo frames that have been revised over many years of testing and customer feedback. We’ve taken budget, weight, portability, longevity, and resistance to wind into consideration when designing and structuring our heavy duty range. We then back your purchase decision with the best warranty available. And, because we all know accidents happen, every gazebo is designed to be rebuilt from the ground up.

Altegra Australia's shop local icon - we are proudly an Australian company and have been serving our local community far and wide since 2004.

Australia's Heavy Duty Gazebo Professionals

Altegra Heavy Duty 3x3m gazebo with navy blue UPF50+ canopy - The iconic Australian Heavy Duty Gazebo
Altegra Australia's shop local icon - we are proudly an Australian company and have been serving our local community far and wide since 2004.

Australia's Heavy Duty Gazebo Professionals

It's time to stop buying throw-away gazebos and cover yourself with the best heavy duty gazebos in Australia!

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4 steps to the Altegra heavy duty gazebo that's just for you.

Providing a range of heavy duty products suits different user requirements. We have a simple selection process to choose from a wide range of gazebos and marquees.

Step 1 icon, the first step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Gazebo Size

How much space do you need to protect?

Step 2 icon, the second step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Frame Type

Budget friendly, light & portable, or top shelf?

Step 3 icon, the third step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Canopy Colour

Choose colour or design yourself!

Step 4 icon, the last step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Add Ons

Add fitted accessories for free shipping!

Read on for more information on selecting from our range or visit our online shop to take a look.

Step 1 icon, the first step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Selecting your heavy duty Gazebo size.

Your gazebo should cover an area that will protect you, your family, or event participants. The first step is selecting your size.

To start identifying the best sturdy gazebo for you and how you will use it, determine the coverage area that you need. We list our gazebo and marquee range in Length x Width dimensions when set up. We’re stocked with the most common and popular gazebo sizes that cover most people’s requirements.

Our Gazebo Size Range

2.4 x 2.4m

3m x 3m

4mx4.5m Altegra Marquee size icon - Marquee Builder

3m x 4.5m

3mx6m Altegra Marquee size icon - Marquee Builder

3m x 6m

4mx4m Altegra Marquee size icon - Marquee Builder

4m x 4m

4mx8m Altegra Marquee size icon - Marquee Builder

4m x 8m

Step 2 icon, the second step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Choose the frame for your budget and strength needs.

We understand that not everyone needs a gazebo for extreme conditions but quality and strength are critical.

We carry three models of gazebo frame in our sturdy range supporting varied strength and safety needs as well as your budget. While our mission is to only provide premium quality gazebos, we’re also very aware that retaining a budget-conscious approach is important. So we’ve crafted our range to cater to a value oriented shopper along with our advanced commercial gazebos.

Premium Steel frame

For the everyday casual gazebo user who seeks quality protection.

Our affordable steel frame gazebo range. We’ve focussed on keeping costs down but retaining our high build quality.

Altegra Premium Steel gazebo frame icon - 29mm square, 1mm sidewall
  • Steel frame.
  • 29mm square steel legs.
  • 1mm sidewall thickness.
  • Rolled steel upper scissor frame.
  • Light ABS Polymer joints.
  • 3-Year Warranty.
Premium Steel Sizes

Pro Lite 40mm frame

For the frequent gazebo user and portable commercial requirements.

Our advanced light aluminium frame gazebo range. Heavy duty performance focussed on portability and ease of setup.

The Altegra Pro Lite 40mm - 46mm tube diameter with 1.5mm thick aluminium walls provides exceptional marquee, gazebo, and annexe strength without the weight penalty.
  • Aluminium frame.
  • 40/46mm hexagonal legs. 
  • 1.5mm sidewall thickness.
  • Extruded aluminium upper frame.
  • Light ABS Polymer joints.
  • Section 238 event compliant.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
Pro Lite Sizes

Heavy Duty 50mm frame

For the top quality shopper or for premium public event protection.

Our aptly named heavy duty aluminium frame range. Extra robust frame and joints predominantly focussed on strength.

Altegra Heavy Duty gazebo and folding marquee frame cross-section icon - 50mm hexagonal brushed aluminium frame with 2mm walls, measuring 58mm diagonally.
  • Aluminium frame.
  • 50/58mm hexagonal legs. 
  • 2mm sidewall thickness.
  • Double reinforced extruded aluminium upper frame.
  • Super robust aluminium joints.
  • Engineered for up to 100km/h wind.
  • Section 238 event compliant.
  • Lifetime Warranty.
Heavy Duty Sizes
Step 3 icon, the third step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Select available gazebo colours or design your own.

Wrap your heavy duty gazebo in our Elite UPF50+ canopy, choosing from our selection of refined colours or designing and printing your very own.

The most fragile component that is also the most protective on your gazebo is the fabric roof – the canopy. It is a critical part that is most often damaged or wears out. We top every one of our gazebos with an extremely durable canopy to keep you protected and comfortable. Our Elite canopy is a standout feature of our heavy duty gazebo range.

Canopy Colour Selection

Altegra in-stock canopy colour selection icon
Altegra Heavy Duty 3x3m gazebo with royal blue UPF50+ canopy

We carry a range of colours in house for each size. We’ve selected colours to stock based on popularity and those that look the best in person when snugly fit to your gazebo.

The colour options are presented in our online shop when you select your portable gazebo.

Custom Printed Canopy

Altegra Custom Printed Heavy Duty 3x3m Gazebo image - 2x3m valance, 2x 3m Pitch custom print option

We work closely with you to ensure a vibrant, striking canopy with your own colours and branding. Photo-realistic dye sublimation printing produces exceptional results. Truly 

Select from our gazebo range, then choose the panels that you want to have printed.

Step 4 icon, the last step in Altegra's simple 4-step gazebo selection process.

Add accessories that perfectly complement your new space.

Just like a new pair of socks in sparkling new shoes, gazebo accessories help make your purchase even more useful and exactly how you intend to use it.

Everyone’s plans for their gazebo setup is different, so we’ve designed a range of accessories to ensure your intended setup can be achieved. Add more weather protection by adding modular UPF50+ walls to keep out the wind, sun and rain or anchor it to solid ground with our weights.

Our NEW folding aluminium table is an extensively versatile add on for a broad range of our customer’s gazebo use. Whether it’s for camping, exhibitions, market stalls, a serving table at backyard BBQ’s, or as a work stand for pit tents. Our gazebo and marquee accessories will serve you well.

Buy Your Next Heavy Duty Gazebo With Confidence.

We believe in good old-fashioned customer service. So we’ll call for a chat with any purchase made. We’re also happy to help with any heavy duty gazebo queries you have. Contact us for assistance.

Who is Altegra?

If you haven’t heard of Altegra gazebos and marquees, you’ve likely seen our products at public events. Here are some of the things we’re renowned for in the Australian heavy duty gazebo market and events industry.
It was Altegra who introduced the ever-popular and super strong hexagonal aluminium heavy duty gazebo frame to Australia.
Available in Pro Lite 40mm and Heavy Duty 50mm ALU frames.

We invested 2 years into developing our compact innovation. The 93cm folded  frame height won us international acclaim at the world’s biggest outdoor show!

A 3x3m Premium Steel and 3x3m Pro Lite Upgrade.

Commercially Preferred & Sought heavy duty gazebo solutions.

We have consistently improved our heavy duty gazebo range to support Australia’s highest-demand industry users.
Our entire range is for frequent heavy-duty use.

Genuine Direct Customer Service, Support & Care.

We have a genuine interest in positive experiences. Our quality heavy duty gazebo range will always be backed by real customer service.
We've built our reputation on performance & care.

Your quality Australian
heavy duty gazebo professionals.

Here for you to support all your heavy duty gazebo needs.

Shipping Australia-wide.

Prefer to get in touch to learn more?

Visit our Marquee Builder to obtain accurate heavy duty gazebo prices, fitting accessories, and as an expression of interest. We will follow up on your interest to assist with any queries you have, to make sure the selection will suit your needs, or to get started on your custom canopy artwork!