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UPF50+ & 100% Waterproof Protection

Reliable shelter from Australian weather. Keeping you protected when outdoors.

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We build our range of portable shelters to our specifications and select high quality parts.

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100% Rebuildable Marquees

Altegra marquees are built to last but can also be repaired from the ground up.

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Our Pro Lite & Heavy Duty aluminium marquees carry an Lifetime Warranty!

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Aluminium marquees engineered to meet Australia's top safety standards.

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We've dedicated ourselves to producing excellent portable shelters since 2004.

Our Pop Up Marquees Protect you completely from all that Australia throws at them. And Can do so for A LIFETIME.

Since 2004, our mission has been to design the best pop up marquees in Australia to provide you with unrivalled protection when in the outdoors. We’ve actively refined the design of our range to optimise each detail for usability, safety, and longevity – no matter how small. The result is our premium selection of rapidly deployed structured tents that delivers where budget matters, where safety is an absolute priority, and that stand the test of time for Australian use.

Altegra marquees deliver a rapidly deployed event shelter that looks great and stands proud when you need it most. Our range includes our advanced hexagonal aluminium marquees such as our Pro Lite 40mm and our Heavy Duty 50mm that have been engineered to comply with Australia’s highest event safety standard, Section 238 compliance. Add comprehensive sun, rain, and wind protection to deliver a safe shelter that will aid in your event’s success.

Australian schools, community groups, and hire and rental companies turn to Altegra because we fully understand and appreciate that everyone has a different requirement for their intended use. We design our marquees to cater to a wide range of purposes and setup styles. All our pop up shelters are designed to have different walls attached to style the sheltered space or tailor the weather protection. We design our range of connecting accessories to assist in a modular marquees setup – securing pop up tents together to expand your sheltering capacity for a larger number of guests or to deploy in tight spaces.

When custom printed canopies are required for tailored branding, we work closely with you to deliver vibrant, extremely visible marquees. A combination of photo-quality sublimation printing on polyester and our 15+ years of custom printing experience ensures your event presence stands out and leaves a memorable impact.

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Altegra Marquees By Size

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What is a marquee?

In common Australian English, a marquee is a large portable tent or shelter that is designed to protect its occupants from the weather when outside. A marquee is frequently used for parties, exhibitions and events, or as a readily deployed temporary shelter.

What size marquee do I need?

The marquee size that best fits your needs depends upon the number of people that you wish to shelter and how portable you need your marquee to be. For example, while a smaller marquee may only shelter 50% of your intended guests, it is also significantly more portable and easier to set up than a larger size. Erecting two small marquees and securing them together with connecting brackets and a gutter will provide the same protection area but increase the ease of deployment. We’ve provided a brief overview of approximate marquee size relating to people standing under the sheltered space:

Marquee Size Chart

Marquee Size Marquee Coverage Area Approx. Number of People
Metres / Feet m2 / ft2 Standing
2.4m x 2.4m (8ft x 8ft) 5.76m2 (64ft2) 10 people
3m x 3m (10ft x 10ft) 9m2 (100ft2) 15 people
3m x 4.5m (10ft x 15ft) 13.5m2 (150ft2) 20 people
3m x 6m (10ft x 20ft) 18m2 (200ft2) 30 people
4m x 4m (13ft x 13ft) 16m2 (169ft2) 25 people
4m x 8m (13ft x 26ft) 36m2 (338ft2) 50 people
If you’re still unsure of the size you need, take a look at the visualizing the size in feet document which, although it’s imperial, offers a reasonable insight into sizing using the above chart.

Why a folding marquee instead of a clear span marquee?

In short, a folding marquee has a collapsible “scissor frame” which provides greater convenience and portability than a clear span marquee. The folding marquee has telescoping legs and an internal ceiling structure that is engineered to high structural compliance to ensure public event safety. As a result of the expandable design, the folding marquee can be completely set up or packed down by either one or two people and is carried in a single rolling case. The largest manageable folding marquee size is 4m x 8m.

In contrast, a clear span marquee has an open ceiling, without the same internal structural requirement due to its outer frame’s structural build. It is, therefore, a heavier structure that requires multiple stages of construction and usually a team of people to set up. However, a big advantage of the clear span marquee is the coverage area that can be erected, housing big events of 150+ people.

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Who is Altegra?

Here are some of the things we’ve done for the Australian marquees market.

Heavy-Duty Hexagonal Aluminium Marquees

The Altegra Hexagonal Aluminium frame is functional, robust, and adds to the aesthetics of our gazebos and marquees - available in our Pro Lite and Heavy Duty gazebo and marquees ranges.
It was Altegra who introduced the ever-popular and super strong hexagonal aluminium marquees frame to Australia.

In our Pro Lite &
Heavy-Duty marquees range.

The "Compact" 3x3m Marquee

Compact Altegra marquee vs. standard Altegra marquee packed heights.
We invested over 2 years of R&D and testing to develop the compact 3mx3m marquees. An internationally awarded innovation.

Found in our 3x3m Pro Lite &
Premium Steel marquees ranges.

Commercially preferred Portable Shelters

We have consistently improved our marquees range to support Australia’s highest-demand industry users.

Our entire marquees range is for heavy-duty use.

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